WTN: Barisone (Rinaldi) Barolo 1971

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WTN: Barisone (Rinaldi) Barolo 1971

Postby Otto » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:34 pm

Barisone Barolo 1971
The wine shop Barisone purchased barrels from Francesco Rinaldi and labelled them to sell as their "house" Barolo. And as expected from anything associated with Rinaldi this is lovely old school Barolo!

This was recently labelled but the cork was shrivelled and tiny and pretty much soaked through. I have never had a bottle with this much sediment, about 1,5cm of thick sludge on the bottom of the bottle. I had it upright for a week, but still, though I decanted carefully, the wine was somewhat cloudy. But that didn't matter since the aromas were fantastic: pretty stereotypical tar and something floral but I don't think it was roses. Quite rugged and not really elegant but veering towards a rustic style, still slightly tannic and with lively acidity and a wonderful mature fruit. At least this particular bottle would have had years and probably decades left in it. Lovely wine. Drink and hold if you can get such a pristine bottle of this!

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