WTN: In which I Pleiade my case

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WTN: In which I Pleiade my case

Postby Jenise » Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:27 pm

Recently picked up a few bottles of the Thackrey Pleiades XX, the latest version of the mysterious multi-vintage, multi-grape blend Sean Thackrey puts together from, seemingly, whatever he has laying around that happens to taste good just then. I've been buying it since vintage X, so for ten years now, and some years are blacker, some years more red; some vintages more tannic, some more ready. The only thing consistent about it is, it's always good and good value--this year, I paid only $12 for my stash out of California, the lowest ever. It shows up on the shelves here in Washington in the high 20's.

Anyway, so we opened our first bottle last night. This might be the softest, reddest bottling yet. Where I still have a bottle or two of XIII lying around, I won't be holding these more than about two years. In flavor, it's a nice compote of warm red fruits, but just that. I would prefer just a bit more tannin, a bit more acid. Not a bad buy at $12, but would be poor value if I'd paid twice that.
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Re: WTN: In which I Pleiade my case

Postby David M. Bueker » Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:38 pm

Hmm...sounds distinctly un-Thackrey.
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