Vegans in Tel Aviv

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Vegans in Tel Aviv

Postby Mark Lieser » Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:00 am

Ok, don't shoot the messenger (or questioner).

I am at work in the States. However, my wife in Israel has a visitor - who is a dear friend - from the US. For reasons neither of us can fathom, she recently decided to become a vegan. My wife is trying to find a place to take her out to dinner in Tel Aviv.

I should note that this is a woman who is a superb cook, appreciates fine food and wine.

I am at wit's end for suggestions. I think that a meat restaurant is more likely to work, since dairy places are so heavily dependent on cheeses, butter, sauces, etc. (And for the record, must be kosher.)

My one suggestion was to pick a nice place - Olive Leaf is my choice - and call ahead to see if the chef can whip something up..

I turn to you all for any other brilliant ideas.

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Re: Vegans in Tel Aviv

Postby Gabriel Geller » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:12 am

Hi Mark,

There's a vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv that has opened recently, it's called "Zakaim" (זכאים) and is located at Allenby 98 however it's not certified kosher and open on shabbat. There are as well two other places, both not kosher, Buddha Burgers (on Ibn Gvirol and another branch on Yehuda Halevi) as well as Taam Hachaim on Ben Yehuda.


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