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Succot / joy

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Re: Succot / joy

by Pinchas L » Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:19 pm

Hi Harry,

Over the final days of Sukkot I enjoyed the following:


Asif AvantGarde 2009 - This dry wine is a blend of five different varieties, and each makes itself felt at different times. This wine continues to morph, assuming a pleasant harmony of its various components. The citrus flavors of the Sauvingnon Blanc (30%), combines with the body of the Chardonnay (21%), while the Gewurztraminer (30%) and Viognier (12%), throw their aromatics and lush honeyed floral overtones into the mix. The fifth component is Semillion (7%). It was very enjoyable. 13.5% AbV. B+/**/Y

Tzora, Neve Ilan Blanc 2009 - This Chardonnay showed nice structure and balance. The fruit profile, while restrained is present and shows itself in an elegant manner. I didn't sense the salinity this time. 14% AbV. B+/**/Y

Midbar Sauvignon Blanc/Semillion 2010 - This Semillion (30%) adds enough complexity so that this isn't a straightforward Sauvignon Blanc. Its alcoholic restraint is also very welcome, and it didn't come at the expense of flavor. 12.5% AbV. B/**/Y


Flam Merlot Reserve 2010 - The wine is currently quite pleasant, though I think it would gain complexity with additional time. The tannins are silky now, hinting at a deft hand with the oak. Although the alcohol level stands at 15%, it didn't put me off. The body seems to be more on the medium side. I don't recall the fruit profile, other than it did not taste overly ripe. I'm curious to see what this will taste like in several years, but I'm not willing to double down, keeping my purchase at its current level. B-/**/Y

Four Gates Merlot 2007 - This is on the full-bodied side, and has robust tannins with fruit to match. B+/**/Y

Hagafen Prix Syrah 2005 - The fruit for the wine is sourced from two different regions; 50% coming from Napa and the other 50% grown in Sonoma. The wine pleasantly combines red fruit flavors with violets. The color is a deep purple, the body is medium to full, and the tannins silky. B/**/N


Binyamina Reserve Late Harvest Gewurztraminer (2010?) - Lacking balance between the sugar, alcohol and acid, with the alcohol level at a mere 9%. C+/**/N

Yarden HeightsWine 2011 - While better than the Binyamina Late Harvest, it is not my favored expression of the Gewurztraminer dessert wine. Its approximately 22.9% residual sugar is just too much for the acid to handle, and it overwhelms the fruit flavors. B-/**/N

-> Pinchas

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David Raccah


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Re: Succot / joy

by David Raccah » Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:55 pm

Finally tasted through all of the kosher 2010 Agua Dolce wines and a few others as well: ... s-as-well/

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