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WTN: Dessert Wines

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WTN: Dessert Wines

by Pinchas L » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:38 pm

Over the past week I had the occasion to taste more dessert wines than is my habit.

Porto Quevedo - Although it has the structure of a port, its flavors are muddied. It comes with a rather cheap price tag, $20, but I'd gladly pay double for the Porto Cordovero, than settle for this. C-/*/N

Yarden T2 - This port like wine, had more flavor than the Quevedo, but did not offer the nuttiness I cherish in a port. Personally, the Porto Cordovero N.V. is the benchmark for all kosher port and port like wines, and the two wines I tasted aren't up to par. $40 for 750 mL. C+/*/N

Dalton Anna NV - This was by far the most enjoyable dessert wine I had in a while. It's a muscat based fortified wine. Given its high alcohol content and intense flavors, I would only use it as a digestif at the conclusion of a meal, by itself or with dessert, not so much as an apertif. It boasts intense flavors: the fruity are honeyed apricot and zesty orange rind, and the spicy are maple and caramel. The women used it as a substitute for liquor. It is not a subtle wine, and I wonder whether one would tire of it, after several helpings. That notwithstanding, this being my first time, I was very impressed by it. 18.5% AbV and $40 for 500 mL. A/**/Y

-> Pinchas

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