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[WTN] Lindemans "Tollana" 2007 Shiraz Cabernet

by MattThr » Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:06 pm

I've always felt that Lindemans were one of the better big name producers - I recall that it in my pre-geek days (well, I've always been a geek to be fair, just not always a wine geek!) it was a Lindemans Shiraz that was the first wine I ever tasted which really made me sit up and take enough notice to make me want to buy it again. So I wasn't in the least disappointed when my partner picked up a bottle of this stuff on a half-price offer in a garage.


Smells of plum and black pepper, with a little hard-to-place wood/vegetable note.

Remember the fruity-flavoured liquorice sweets you used to eat as a kid? That's what this wine tastes like, although considerably less sweet and more robust. The fruits in questions are plum and blackcurrant and there's a good kick of smoke here too to add some depth and texture and restrained oak to add some complexity. Finish is disappointingly short on what is otherwise a quality new-world wine.



At 50% off, very tempted to plump for a few more bottles.

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