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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: New Calif Pinots...(long/boring)

by TomHill » Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:34 pm

We tried last night (6/7/06) Some New Calif Pinots:
1. Nalle HopkinsRanch/RussianRvrVlly PinotNoir (13.8%; 2004: Very
light color; attractive fragrant/bright/cherry aromatic light pencilly slight earthy
nose; tart/lean slight metallic/astringent pretty/bright/cherry/PN flavor; med.long
bit astringent light/bright/cherry/PN light pencilly/oak finish; quite light but
nice aromatics; a pretty wine but just that. $40.00
2. JusSoliWnry MendocinoCnty PinotNoir (13.5%; 2003: Light color; deeper
cherry/fragrant slight earthy/dusty some vanilla/oaked old Calif style Pinot nose;
light bit buttery/oak dusty/earthy some cherry/PN old-style Pinot some earthy/
tomatoey flavor; med. buttery/oak light cherry/earthy finish w/ light tannins;
pleasant wine in an old-Calif Pinot style. $20.00
3. DavidNoyes SonomaCnty PinotNoir (14.5%; 820 cs;; FarinaVnyd/
SonomaMtn, LepetichVnyd/BennettVlly, DuttonRanchVnyd/RussianRvrVlly) 2004: Med.dark
color; attractive spicy/black cherry/PN some earthy/herbal nose; soft/smooth spicy/
black cherry/PN bit toasty/oak flavor; med. smooth/soft attractive/black cherry/PN
light earthy/spicy finish w/ light tannins; an attractive smooth/polished Pinot
at a great price. $14.00
4. JosephSwanVnyds TrentonEstateVnyd/RussianRvrVlly PinotNoir (14.3%;
2003: Med.dark color; deep/strong black cherry/PN/cough syrup/cola quite perfumed/
floral/aromatic slight licorice/toasty/oak nose; tart lush/black cherry/ripe/cola/PN
light licorice/pungent some toasty/oak flavor; long bit tannic ripe/black cherry/cola
rather floral/perfumed finish; needs several yrs; very attractive Pinot. $45.00
5. ElizabethSpencer ProprietorBlend/SpecialCuvee SonomaCoast PinotNoir (24 brls; 14.3%-16.3%; 2004: Dark color; slight reduced/pungent some dusty/
earthy rich/black cherry/PN slight herbal/spicy some toasty/pencilly/oak nose; tart
bit hard/tannic/astringent bit green/herbal some ripe/black cherry/PN/licorice flavor;
med.long hard/astringent somewhat green/herbal light/ripe/black cherry/PN/licorice
finish; a slight funky character and seems a bit closed/hard but a rather interesting
Pinot that needs some age. $24.00
6. DuNah DuNahEstateVnyd/SonomaCoast PinotNoir (14.2%; GregLaFollette/
Sebastapol 2004: Dark color; lovely spicy/black cherry/PN bit pungent/coffee/toasty/
oak somewhat Burgundian/earthy nose; very smooth/polished lovely black cherry/PN/
floral/very spicy some coffee/toasty/Burgundian/oak flavor; very long lush/ripe/
black cherry/PN/very spicy some toasty/Burgundy finish w/ light tannins; needs a yr
or two; very lovely Pinot. $45.00
7. Peay PeayVnyds/SonomaCoast PinotNoir (14.0%; 575 cs; 2004: Med.
dark color; lovely very spicy/black cherry/cherry/PN peppery/very spicy light toasty/
oak nose; tart very spicy/cherry/black cherry/PN bit earthy light toasty/pencilly/
oak flavor; very long peppery/spicy bright/cherry/black cherry/PN finish w/ some
tannins; needs several yrs; a lovely very spicy Pinot. $48.00
8. DavisFamilyVnyds RussianRvrVlly PinotNoir (14.1%; 2004:
Med.light color; slight herbal/eucalyptus some charred/toasty/oak bit green/leafy/
stemmy some black cherry/PN nose; soft attractive cherry/PN slight green/herbal some
toasty/pencilly/oak flavor; med. black cherry/PN light herbal some pencilly/oak
finish w/ light tannins; an attractive/pretty Pinot. $35.00
9. Kosta Brown SonomaCoast PinotNoir (14.7%) 2004: Dark color; strong toasty/charred/oak
some spicy blackberry/black cherry/PN very ripe nose; tart/lean some black cherry/
ripe/PN some toasty/charred/oak rather spicy tannic flavor; long hard/lean tannic some
charred/oak some black cherry/PN/ripe finish; very attractive black cherry nose but
rather hard/lean on the palate; needs several yrs. $45.00
10. Kosta Brown RussianRvrVlly PinotNoir (15.2%; 2004: Dark color;
bigger/deeper/riper fairly black cherry/blackberry/PM bit simpler/straightforward
nose; big/rich rather tannic ripe/black cherry slight toasty/charred/oak bit ripe/
coarse/simple slight earthy flavor; long big/ripe/black cherry/PN bit earthy slight
toasty/oak finish; needs several yrs. $52.00
11. Corral De Tierra Vnyd Monterey PinotNoir SilacciVnyd (13.8%;
2004: Dark color; rather herbal/dusty/earthy very spicy/black cherry/PN slight
volatile/dishwater/aromatic slight cedary rather exotic/interesting/weird nose; tart
exotic/minerally/herbal some black cherry/cola/PN rather cedary/oaked flavor; med.
long exotic herbal/perfumed some black cherry/PN cedary/oak finish w/ light tannins;
kind of a bizarre/exotic Pinot a bit like lesser Caleras; not much like other
SantaLuciaHighlands Pinots. $30.00
12. Capiaux PinotNoir SantaLuciaHighlands Garys'Vnyd (14.2%; 359 cs) 2004: Dark color;
some earthy intense black cherry/PN very floral/aromatic/perfumed quite toasty/oak
slight herbal nose; big/rich/intense black cherry/PN/cola very floral/perfumed rather
strong toasty/oak flavor; very long big/rich black cherry/cola rather toasty/oak
bit tannic finish; needs several yrs; much like the Siduri Garys' w/o the polish
and elegance; my easy favorite of these three. $41.25
13. Capiaux PinotNoir SonomaCnty Chimera (14.5%;; 687 cs;
50% Hendricks, 20% Freestone&Widdoes, 15% Wilson, 15% Garys'&Pisoni vnyds) 2004: Very
dark color; very strong black cherry/PN some toasty/oak some dusty/walnutty bit
simple nose; bit hard/tannic rather toasty/Fr.oak strong black cherry/PN dusty/earthy
flavor; med.long tannic strong black cherry/PN fairly toasty/oak finish; needs
several yrs; a bit too simple & rustic compared to the others. $27.25
14. Capiaux PinotNoir RussianRvrVlly WiddoesVnyd (13.7%; 300cs) 2004: Dark color; strong/
intense black cherry/PN very toasty/charred/Fr.oak some earthy/dusty nose; very strong
black cherry/PN some spicy/peppery very taosty/oak flavor; long intense black cherry/PN
light spicy/peppery/dusty very oaked some earthy finish w/ fair tannins; needs 2-5 yrs;
a big/intense/bit clunky PN. $37.25
15. Frederic Magnien PremierCru Pommard Grand Epenots 2003: Med.dark color; strong black
cherr/PN/cough syrup very ripe somewhat earthy/dusty slight pencilly/oak exotic nose;
rich/ripe strong black cherry/PN rather earthy/dusty light pencilly/toasty perfumed
flavor; med.long soft ripe/black cherry/PN light pencilly dusty/earthy finish w/
light tannins; speaks much more of Calif PN than RedBurg. Steve's mystery.
16.BartlettWnry WildBlueberryWine Winemaker'sReserve Oak Dry (11.5%; Gouldsboro, ME NV: Very dark color; very bizarre/exotic
intense blueberry dusty/earthy rather oaked nose; tart/lean exotic/blueberry rather
spicy/oaked/vanilla flavor; long exotic blueberry some oaked finish; very exotic wine
that's amazingly good. Bit like an acidic Mourvedre. Dave Jablonsk's mystery.
17. BethelHeightsVnyd OR PinotNoir WilametteVlly (EG; 13%) 1994: Med.dark color w/ slight
browning; rather dusty/walnutty/earthy nose that develops an attractive spicy/blue-
berry flavor; bit dried-out/astringent quite earthy/walnutty slight blueberry/
perfumed flavor; med. tannic/astringent earthy/dusty/walnutty slight blueberry finish;
some interesting character but drying out on the palate. Sonny's mystery. $18.00
More ramblings from the BloodyPulpit:
1. JusSoliPinot: This is a wine made by Tom Garrett, formerly of the WS, who now makes
wine under his Detert label. It was a very unusual wine in that it was such a retro-
Pinot. It reminded me a lot of the Calif Pinots made back in the '70's, like Martini
or Parducci; very old Calif style Pinot, before they started trying so hard to make
RedBurgundy in Calif.
2. BartlettBlueberry: This was served as a mystery wine. The nose was very exotic but
there seemed to be something just a bit "not right" with the wine that I couldn't
put my finger on. My guess was an Italian Marzemino because of the exotic fragrance.
Though the balance wasn't the same of a grape wine, I thought this blueberry wine
was amazingly good...and NOT for just a blueberry wine.
3. KostaBrown: I thought these two Pinots were pretty good, but not at all worth their
price. I much preferred the SonomaCoast for its more interesting fragrance. The RRV
was much simpler and sort of a blocky/chunky Pinot. I'm a bit underwhelmed by the
K-B, given their prices and the buzz they get generated by Arpy on eBob.
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Sat Apr 15, 2006 2:07 am


Portland, OR

Re: WTN: New Calif Pinots...(long/boring)

by Hoke » Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:57 pm

Hey, Tom.

My wife and I drink a lot of the David Noyes PN, partially because we know David, sure, but more because we just flat out love the style. Like David, it's not all showy and destined to be a blockbuster, but it's sound as hell, and delivers the goods.

I'm also a total sucker for David's labor of love, his Tocai Friulano (otherwise known as Sauvignon Vert), a blend of two vineyards, one of them being Pagani Ranch. That's become a go-to summer drink for me. Allows me to sit in Sonoma, extolling the virtues of Sonoma, and drinking the fruit of Sonoma whilst still feeling like I could be in the rolling hills of Friuli. :D

And re your sanguinary pulpit: yeah, I like the K-B Pinots okay too, but like you, they are not exactly intergalactic sensory journeys. Sometimes there's just so much hype and expectation that people are going to be hard pressed to say "Uh, what's all the fuss about?" That's K-B to me. Any number of other PNs out there that do it as well or better.

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