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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Mostly Siduri Pinots...(long/boring)

by TomHill » Thu Aug 24, 2006 6:46 pm

We tasted last week (7/26/06) Mostly Siduri Pinots:
1. Bouchard Pere&Fils Bourgogne (13%) 2003: Med.color; pleasant cherry/PN slight earthy
simple nose; thin/lean bit tannic/metallic light/washed-out simple cherry/fruity
flavor; short tannic/metallic light washed-out finish; some RedBurg character but
why bother at any price. $12.50
2. ampelos lambda PinotNoir AmpelosVnyd/Sta.RitaHills (15.2%;; 366 cs)
2004: Med.color; some toasty/Burgundian/oak bit alcoholic very attractive/bright/PN cherry/
black cherry nose; tart rich/lush cherry/black cherry/PN slight earthy light toasty/oak/
Burgundian flavor; rather long toasty/Burgundian bright black cherry/cherry/PN finish w/
modest tannins; needs a yr or two; quite an attractive/lovely Pinot. $33.00
3. Siduri SonomaCnty PinotNoir (14.7%; 1280 cs) 2004: Med.color; attractive bright/clean/
cherry/spicy/PN bit leafy/foresty nose; soft/lush bright/cherry/PN light spicy/nutmeg
flavor; med. bright/cherry/PN finish w/ little tannins; a pretty/frivolous good-drinking
bright Pinot. $16.00
4. Siduri RussianRiverVlly PinotNoir (14.6%; 1020 cs) 2004: Med.dark color; deeper/more earthy
slightly peppery strong black cherry/PN light toasty/oak nose; soft richer/lusher peppery/
black cherry/PN bit earthy/dusty light oak flavor; med.long peppery/black cherry/PN finish
w/ light tannins; pretty PN w/ nice RRV/peppery character; great price. $21.00
5. Siduri PinotNoir WillametteVlly/OR (14.1%; 43% MuirfieldVnyd, 22% ArbreVertVnyd,
22% ShawMtnVnyd, 13% Hawk'sViewVnyd; 1226 cs) 2004: Light color; rather dusty/earthy slight
walnutty bright cherry/PN classic OR PN nose; tart rather walnutty/dusty some bright/
cherry/PN simple/light flavor; med. tart walnutty/dusty light cherry/PN/bright finish w/
light tannins; less lushness and tighter/brighter; great OR PN for $16.00
6. Siduri ArbreVertVnyd WillametteVlly/OR PinotNoir (14.3%) 2003: Med.dark color; much deeper
black cherry/cherry/PN some walnutty/earthy light vanilla/toasty/oak nose; tart slight
alcoholic walnutty/earthy/mushroomy rather black cherry/PN bit lean/tannic flavor; med.
long tart/lean walnutty/earthy/dusty some black cherry/PN finish w/ light tannins; needs
yr or two; very good OR PN at good price. $28.00
7. Siduri MuirfieldVnyd WillametteVlly/OR PinotNoir (14.4%; 192 cs) 2003: Med.dark color;
strong quite black cherry/PN more toasty/oak slight minty/earthy nose; tart bright cherry/
black cherry/PN light toasty/oak some minty/menthol/spicy flavor; long tart very bright
cherry/black cherry/PN bit minty/menthol some toasty/charred/oak finish w/ some tannins;
needs several yrs; terrific OR PN. $30.00
8. Siduri WillametteVlly/OR PinotNoir Hawk'sViewVnyd (14.7%; 123 cs) 2003: Dark color; deeper/
richer more lush/ripe/black cherry/PN very spicy/aromatic slight earthy nose; tart rich
bit hard/tannic strong black cherry/PN some toasty/charred/smokey/oak light earthy/mushroom
flavor; very long bit tannic/hard ripe/lush/black cherry/PN some toasty/smokey/oak bit
Burgundian finish; best of the OR PNs; needs 2-5 yrs; terrific OR Pinot. $30.00
9. Siduri SantaRitaHills PinotNoir (14.2%) 2004: Med.color; ripe cherry/black cherry/PN sweet/
ripe very spicy nose; tart bright cherry/black cherry/PN sweet/ripe/very spicy nose; med.
long very spicy ripe/black cherry/PN finish w/ light tannins; loads of bright/vibrant/
cherry fruit w/ lots of spiciness; very good value. $24.00
10. Siduri PinotNoir SantaLuciaHighlands (14.2%) 2004: Med.dark color; bit herbal/chocolaty/
earthy ripe/black cherry/framboise/PN light toasty/oak nose; softer/richer chocolaty/
herbal ripe/black cherry/PN some toasty/charred/oak flavor; long fairly herbal/chocolaty
ripe/lush/black cherry/PN finish w/ light tannins; good SLH character at a very good price.
11. Siduri PisoniVnyd/SantaLuciaHighlands PinotNoir (15.0%; 960 cs) 2004: Med.dark color;
somewhat herbal/dusty complex black cherry/chocolaty/espresso/PN ripe/lush very aromatic
nose; tart very rich/lush black cherry/PN rather herbal/dusty some toasty/oak/smokey flavor;
very long ripe/lush black cherry/PN/chocolaty rather herbal/dusty complex finish w/ some
tannins; needs several yrs; lots of richness & nice SLH/herbal character. $39.00
12. Siduri Garys'Vnyd SantaLuciaHighlands PinotNoir (14.5%) 2004: Med.dark color; very strong
chocolaty/espresso/pungent ripe/black cherry/jammy quite herbal nose; softer rather herbal/
black cherry/PN some toasty/pungent/smokey/oak flavor; med.long very ripe/black cherry/PN/
cola herbal light toasty finish w/ light tannins; seems rather ripe and a bit over-the-top
but lots of SLH Pinot character. $34.00
13. Siduri VanDerKampVnyd/SonomaMtn PinotNoir (15.5%; 171 cs) 2003: Med.color; attractive
black cherry/PN light toasty/oak rather perfumed/perfumed talc nose; tart light/lean/bit
austere bright cherry/PN/cherry cola flavor; med.long tart/lean spicy/cherry/PN finish w/
some tannins; needs several yrs; attractive PN but just that. $31.00
14. Siduri AmberRidgeVnyd/RussianRvrVlly PinotNoir (14.2%; 2004: Med.
dark color; deep/rich black cherry/PN/black cherry cola strong toasty/charred/oak rather
Burgundian beautiful/aromatic/perfumed nose; tart rich/lush black cherry cola/PN fairly
toasty/charred/oak perfumed flavor; very long rich/lush black cherry cola/PN toasty/oak
complex finish w/ some tannins; needs several yrs; big/rich/lush Pinot w/ Burgundian
overtones; terrific Pinot. $34.00
15. Siduri Rosella'sVnyd/SantaLuciaHighlands (14.3%) 2001: Very dark/black color; very ripe/
bit overripe bit herbal/rosemary slight alcoholic/volatile rather plummy/licorice
charred/oak strange nose; very acid/citric somewhat herbal toasty/burnt/oak some plummy/
black cherry/cola flavor; long herbal/rosemary charred/oak slight plummy/alcoholic
finish w/ some tannins; seems to be evolving in a very strange way; not typical Siduri.
And the usual BloodyPulpit nonsense:
1. AmpelosCllrs: This is the new vnyd in the SantaRitaHills that is now making their own
Estate wine as well. Farmed very meticulously, bio-dynamically, by Peter & Becky Work.
Their wnry is in the western Lompoc ghetto, sharing space w/ Ken Brown. As their vines
mature and the winemaking evolves, the wines are only going to get better and better.
An operation to keep your eyes on.
2. Siduris: Not much more I can say than I've said before. These are easily some of my
favorite Pinots. My group buys a $hitload (Kansas colloquialism) of them every year.
They (primarily Kate) are some of the nicest people you'd ever want to deal with.
This was an accumulation of several months of Siduri Pinots. The wines are all quite
distinctive and express their origins (that terroir thingey), even though they are
distinctly Siduri. The AmberRidge was easily my favorite of the bunch, closely followed
by all the SLH ones.
The regional series Pinots are some of the best values in Pinot that can be found from
Calif. Terrific lush/balanced Pinots at more than fair prices.
The one thing I don't quite understand...with two small children, vnyds spread hither
and yon, from Oregon to SRH, lots of wines going on all the time; how in the world Adam
and Diana ever have time for a real life (well..granted, children ARE a real life). Beats
heck out of me.
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Mike Officer


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Thu Jun 08, 2006 2:38 pm

Re: WTN: Mostly Siduri Pinots...(long/boring)

by Mike Officer » Fri Aug 25, 2006 12:05 am

It's even worse! They have three children! :) I agree. I don't know how they do it. I have a hard time keeping track of just three vineyards outside of Sonoma County.


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