WTN: Pride Chardonnay 2002 and Ridge Geyserville 1996

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WTN: Pride Chardonnay 2002 and Ridge Geyserville 1996

Postby Jay Labrador » Wed Sep 20, 2006 12:50 pm

These were wines with mild French style curry for lunch last Saturday.

Pride Chardonnay 2002 - Deep yellow/straw color. Oaky, vanilla, coconut nose but it doesn't show on the palate. Very soft, gentle wine. Some pineapple flavors. Looked and tasted older than its 4 years. Probably no further development forthcoming for this wine. Best to drink up. Went quite nicely with the curry.

Ridge Geyserville 1996 - I last had this wine about two years ago and at that time it was going through a dumb phase. This, my last bottle, seems to have blossomed nicely. I remember having this wine with a spicy curry when it was released and thought it was a good match which is why I chose it for the lunch. Still fruity but already quite soft. Picks up the spice in the curry. Very well rounded and balanced. The fruit suggests it can still be kept a few more years but is drinking quite well now.
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Re: WTN: Pride Chardonnay 2002 and Ridge Geyserville 1996

Postby Jenise » Thu Sep 21, 2006 3:32 pm

Too bad about the Pride chardonnay--I've not had it but had the 02 Pride Viognier a year ago and a few other Napa 02 chards, and they've all been rather fat and flabby.
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