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WTN: Vinho Verdes from Quinta de Gomariz

by Otto » Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:37 pm

Quinta de Gomariz is located in the Vale do Ave sub-region. They have 17ha of vines and they make varietal wines instead of blends. I was recently bowled over by their red Vinhão and decided to order samples of their other wines. The others were perfectly decent wines, perhaps quite modern and ripe and "easy" for VV, but nice to sip. But the red, even on this second taste, is something truly special and wonderful.

2011 Quinta de Gomariz Loureiro Vinho Verde Colheita Seleccionada
11,5% abv; 6,8 g/l RS; 5,2 g/l acidity. Very floral nose. Delightfully crisp, yet in a friendly way. Clean and moreish with the slightest hint of fizz. Nice!

2011 Quinta de Gomariz Avesso Vinho Verde Colheita Seleccionada
12% abv; 3,7 g/l RS; 5,5 g/l acidity. Avesso is one the rarer grapes of the area. This has a really charming scent of hay and stone fruits. Nice pure fruit, mineral, moderate rather than harsh in acidity, refreshing and clean and both fun and interesting. My favourite of the whites.

2011 Quinta de Gomariz Alvarinho Vinho Verde Colheita Seleccionada
12,5% abv; 3,6 g/l RS; 4,8 g/l acidity. A floral aroma, pleasantly citric and mineral. A drier, more powerful wine than the Loureiro, it is structurally (but not aromatically) similar to the Avesso. Nice!

2011 Quinta de Gomariz Espadeiro Vinho Verde Colheita Seleccionada
11,5% abv; 8,2 g/l RS; 5,1 g/l acidity. Espadeiro is a "grey" grape so salmon pink is the deepest coloured wine it can make. A really attractive aroma of minerals and some less sweet cultivar of strawberry. Slight spritz, clean and refreshing, nicely acidic (not harshly acidic as some books would lead one to expect of Vinho Verde). The acidity is enough to make this feel dry but friendly despite the slight RS. Very enjoyable.

2011 Quinta de Gomariz Padeiro Vinho Verde Colheita Seleccionada
12% abv; 8,4 g/l RS; 4,8 g/l acidity. Also pale pink like the "grey" grape Espadeiro, but Padeiro is a true red grape. And actually very similar aromatically and on the palate: strawberry aromas and quite fruit-forward for VV but with nice acidity so it is fresh. Nice!

2011 Quinta de Gomariz Vinhão Vinho Verde Colheita Seleccionada
12,5% abv; 3,3 g/l RS; 8,4 g/l acidity. Purple. Lactic and reductive but becomes gorgeous with air: savoury berry aromas abound. Wonderfully tannic and acidic and with the tartness of berries that grow up here in these northern climes. Awesome wine with a huge, quirky personality. I love it but I suspect many will hate it.
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