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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Three With Dinner///(short/boring)

by TomHill » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:25 pm

Susan & I tried three wines Fri night:
1. Celler Barbara Fores Blanc DO: TerraAlta (14%; 97% WhiteGrenache/3% Viognier) 2011 Pale yellow color; quite fragrant/floral/honeysuckle/carnations light spicy/earthy quite pretty nose; soft slight tangy/grapefruit/mineral/earthy somewhat floral/carnations/honeysuckle flavor; med.long soft bit dilute slight tangy/grapefruity/mineral/earthy rather floral/carnations/honeysuckle/GB finish; quite a pretty fragrant/floral GB if a bit dilute on the palate at a very fair price. $18.50 (SFW&S)
2. Ridge LyttonEstate DryCreekVlly/SonomaCnty (71% Zin/29% PS; 14.9%; 39 brls; Drk: 11/10-11/20: JO) 2009: Very dark color; some vanilla/smokey/oak some blackberry/Zin slight peppery/licorice/PS pleasant Ridge nose; fairly tart some chalky/tannic/bitey strong vanilla/oak/smokey light blackberry/Zin/earthy bit dusty/OV flavor; long chalky/tannic/bitey some blackberry/blueberry/black cherry some vanilla/Am.oak finish; needs 3-5 yrs of age yet; not nearly the spicy/Zin character of the regular LS and not nearly the fruit and a bit on the earthy/clunky side; not very exciting now but I expect this will be quite good w/ some many of the Ridge ATP wines. $30.00 (ATP)
3. JosephPhelpsVnyd Scheurebe NapaVlly SpecSlctLateHrvst (SaH: 37%; RS: 20.2%; 8.8%) 1989: Dark gold/burnished bronze/bit brown color; very intense botrytis/apricots/peachy some cedary/pencilly rather classic old German TBA/very complex nose; very intense botrytis/peachy/apricotty/pineapple/canned peach syrup rather tart/acid bit pencilly rather sweet lovely old German Riesling/very complex flavor; very long/lingering very sweet intense botrytis/peachy/apricotty slight earthy/pencilly very complex old German TBA finish; a really beautiful/complex Calif TBA that will go another 10-20 yrs. $20.00/hlf
A the usual bloviations from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. I was mightly impressed by the Phelps Scheurebe. It had a much higher acidity to it than I expected, w/o straying into the sweet/sour territory. Which is why it probably seemed so bright and youthful, despite the color. In their early yrs, Phelps mostly made the Scheurebe into an Auslese-level wine or occasionally into a TBA-level wine. I think anymore that they use their Scheurebe for the Eisrebe, a freezer-style ice wine.
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Re: WTN: Three With Dinner///(short/boring)

by Andrew Bair » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:07 pm

Hi Tom -

Thank you for the notes. The 1989 Phelps Scheurebe sounds really nice!

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