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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

TN: Two Bedrocks/Two Carlisles...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:30 pm

Delving into my new arrivals, we tried these four w/ Susan & the boys at ArroyoVino this weekend:
1. BedrockWineCo Compagni PortisVnyd/SonomaVlly WW (Planted: 1954; Pharmed by PhilCoturri; 13.8%; GWT/Riesling/Chard/RoterVeltliner; 1 ton/acre) 2011: Pale gold gold color; very fragrant/floral/GWT/lychee/figgy very perfumey almost Alsatian-like aromatic nose; fairly tart rather rich/lush very spicy/figgy/waxy/floral/nutmeg quite perfumed flavor; very long/lingering very spicy/floral/figgy/lychee/waxy slight stony/tangy/metallic rather rich/lush finish; beautiful aromatics that speak of GWT but a rich/lush/textured flavor that reminds of Semillon; a gorgeous/interesting white. $26.00
2. BedrockWineCo TheBedrockHeritage/SonomaVlly (14.3%; 123 yr old vines; 22 different varieties; 60% Zin +
Carignane/AlicanteBouschet/PetiteSirah/GrandNoir de Calmette/Syrah/Tempranillo/Trousseay/Mission/Merlot/CabSauv + many others) 2011
: Med.dark color; intense blackberry/Zin/boysenberry/plummy some dusty/OV bit licorice/pungent light toasty/oak very perfumed complex nose; fairly tart strong blackberry/boysenberry/Zin very plummy/licorice/pungent RCCola some dusty/OV very fragrant flavor w/ fair tannins; very long quite tart ripe/rich/blackberry/Zin/boysenberry/plummy/licorice light toasty/oak rather structured/tannic finish; lots of very spicy/Zin character w/ strong plummy/licorice overtones; needs several yrs of age yet; a lovely/complex red that reminds me some of the OldHill (Bucklin) Zins but a bit more complex. $37.00
3. Carlisle TheDerivative SonomaCnty WW (13.8%; Vines planted: 1886-1920; 76% Semillon/24% Muscadelle; 250 cs) 2010: Alas, the first btl I took to share w/ the boys at ArroyoVino was badly corked. This was the backup btl: Med.yellow color; very attractive ripe/figgy/Semillon/spicy/pineapple very light pencilly/oak very perfumed/aromatic slight mineral/earthy nose; soft beautiful ripe/figgy/Semillon/spicy almost (dry) Sauternes-like totally dry slight mineral/stony quite perfumey flavor; very long ripe/figgy/Semillon/waxy light stony/earthy rich/lush very perfumed finish; reminds me a bit of the KalinSemillon w/o the oak; a bit like the l'Ecole45 WashState Semillon but much more fragrance; really lovely benchmark Semillon.
4. Carlisle Zin OldVines/RRV (15.9%; 50% CarlisleVnyd planted in 1927/50% MontafiRanch planted in 1926 + interplanted/mixed varieties; 270 cs) 2010: Very dark color; beautiful very intense blackberry/RRV Zin/boysenberry rather dusty/OV very light oak very spicy/rosemary/thyme quite perfumed/lovely nose; slightly tart intense blackberry/RRV Zin/boysenberry/DrPepper quite dusty/OV very spicy/thyme light oak flavors w/ some tannins; very long intense blackberry/RRV Zin/boysenberry very spicy strong dusty/OV finish w/ fair tannins; no signs of alcoholic heat or overripeness; needs several yrs yet; quintessential RRV Zin w/ great structure and a beautiful perfumed spiciness. $39.60
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Carlisle: This is MikeOfficer's first white he's released. I was mightly impressed...but I guess I shouldn't have been surprised....the guy knows a thing or two about winemaking.

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