WTN: Petit Verdot (Forlorn Hope) and Languedoc

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WTN: Petit Verdot (Forlorn Hope) and Languedoc

Postby Brian K Miller » Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:40 pm

2006 Domaine de Nizes, LanguedocNice bottle age on this southern French blend. Very smooth and rich (not jammy, rich!) with a pronounced earthiness that was very fine. Lovely texture. Quite popular! This is apparantly owned by Clos du Val!

2006 Forlorn Hope Gascony Cadets. YUM! All about the violets??? here, with beautiful tobacco and blackberry elements. A savory, minerally core. May be one of my favorite Solano County wines I have had the pleasure to drink! A rebuy for sure! I think Matthew Rorick is a great winemaker!
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