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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Three With The Boys...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:33 pm

Our BacchusBadBoys got together Thurs night and some we tried were:
1. Dom.Rostaing LesLezandes VdP des CollinesRhodeiniennes (12.5%) 2007: Med.color; strong smokey/roasted/NR light violets/Syrah/blueberry lovely classic NR/Cote-Rotie/espresso complex nose; fairly tart bit tannic/hard attractive NR/espresso/roasted/smokey/roasted meats light violets/blackberry/Syrah flavor; med.long tart bit tannic/hard strong roasted/espresso/NR/smokey light floral/violets/blueberry/Syrah slight mineral/graphite finish; a lovely/complex classic NR Syrah but probably won't outlive the tannins; one of the best Rhodeiniennes Syrahs I've had.
2. Cuvee GeorgesReynaud AC: Crozes-Hermitage LesBruyeres (100% Syrah; VignesAuthentiques; JeffWelburnSelections; 13%) DavidReynaud 2010: Very dark color; strong savory/herbal/black olive tapenade light toasty/oak some roasted/espresso/earthy light blackberry/Syrah nose; tart rather extracted/hard/tannic earthy/mineral/graphite strong roasted/savory/black olive tapenade slight blueberry/Syrah bit toasty/oak flavor; very long rather hard/tannic/tight/extracted pungent/graphite/black olive tapenade some roasted/espresso/smokey finish; lots of savory elements and some espresso/NR character; pretty hard & tannic & needs 5-10 yrs of age; not a wussy example of C-H.
3. JosephPhelps Delice du Semillon NapaVlly (15% SauvBlanc; 13.0%; RS: 10.1%) 1986: Deep golden some browning color; very intense botrytis/peachy/apricotty/fruit cocktail creme brulee/butterscotchy beautiful old botrytis/Calif complex nose; slightly sweet fairly tart intense botrytis/peachy/apricotty some butterscotchy/creme brulee light toasty/oak complex flavor; very long/lingering slightly sweet intense botrytis/peachy/apricotty/canned peach syrup somewhat creme brulee/caramel/butterscotchy quite complex finish; a beautiful example of a mature Calif Sauternes; should go at least another ten yrs.
No BP this time.

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