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Thanksgiving Day - The Kids Are Alright

by Mike Filigenzi » Fri Nov 24, 2006 2:16 am

Had T-Day at my friend Dave's place. Dave was once a semi-pro chef. Every year, for Thanksgiving, he pulls out all the stops and invites friends over for an all-out feast. This year was as good as any, with an unbelievable smoked turkey, spit-roasted antelope, cauliflower with dill and horseradush, oysters with spinach and pine nuts, and about six other dishes that were fantastic. My wine contributions included an '03 Joly Clos des Sacres Savannieres. It was really nice, with a very even-toned dry honeyed character, some quince fruit, some waxiness. I liked it but was wondering what everyone else would think. As it turned out, the person who liked it most was the roommate of Dave's 19-year-old son. He made a point of saying that he thought it was the best wine (of 5 or 6) that he had that night. I predict a very wine-geeky future for that kid.

And then we played a game with corks. Don't know if any of you have noticed, but if you hold a cork sideways and drop it onto a hard surface just right, it will bounce and stand on end. A 15-year-old who was there figured this out and set up a game wherein whoever could bounce 5 corks on end first was declared the winner. Don't know if it had anything to do with the wine we had consumed, but this game was quite the hit. Highly recommended for those of you who have a bag of used corks sitting around waiting to fulfill a purpose.

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