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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: A Riesling & a GWT...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:44 pm

Tried these two in KansasCity this week:
1. Monsters, Monsters Attack Riesling ClareVlly/SouthAustralia (10.2%; SomeYoungPunks/SevenHills/SA 2009: Pale yellow color; slight mineral/Mosel valve oil biit SO2/fireworks/furniture polish/insecticide/cheap hotel deoderant rather lemon/lime/grapefruity/citric somewhat pleasant nose; rather tart some lemon/lime/grapefruit quite weak/dilute rather watery/insipid tangy light floral/R flavor; rather short tangy/lemon/lime/citrusy weak/watery/dilute slight 7Up finish; a pleasant enough R nose that speaks of ClareVlly but pretty insipid on the palate; way overpriced at $24.80 (Gomers)
2. Willm GWT AC: Alsace Reserve (13%;; L12/342 13-11; GrandCru Kirchberg de Barr & ClosGaensbroennel vnyds) Vignerons: Anne-Catherine et Jean-Luc Ostertag; B by LesVignerons Reunis/Eguisheim 2011: Light gold color; fairly strong GWT/spicy/nutmeg/lychee slight earthy rather attractive nose; off-dry/rather sweet quite bitter light lychee/GWT/spicy somewhat dilute/watery light earthy/slate flavor; rather short bit tangy off-dry fairly bitter light GWT/lychee/spicy/nutmeg quite weak/watery/thin finish; a pretty enough GET nose but rather vapid/insipid on the palate; overpriced at $17.80 (Gomers)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Went into a Gomers on the Kansas side of KC to check it out. Since Kansas is just barely emerging from the throes of Prohibition, didn't expect to find much of interest. However, I did find a few thing I wanted to try.
The Oz section had some realy ugly labels...especially from SomeYoungPunks. They're obviously appealing to those irreverent/non-snooty/no-bull$hit Gen Y drinkers...I fell right into their target bought this ClareVlly R to try. Shouldn't have bothered.
2. Willm: I have, of course, followed Alsace GWT from the very start. Back in the '70's, the A.Willm wines were always solid/well-made wines. Some of the GrandCru ClosGaensbroennel GWTs have been the greatest Alsace GWT I ever done did taste.
I had not seen the A.Willm label of late and spotted this on the shelf there. The label design was a bit different from those of old. Not exactly sure what the Ostertag's involvement is. This wine gave me little reason to revisit any of the Willm wines, unless I see a ClosGaensbroennel around again.

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