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Re: Gloom from Jancis on Muscadet's future; also Beaujolais.

by Tim York » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:39 am

Dave Erickson wrote:
I am also mystified at her take on Muscadet, when wines from Marc Ollivier and Guy Bossard get respect and even sell decently.

It makes some sense to me.

Whilst I am sure that Marc Ollivier, Guy Bossard and the other growers mentioned in this thread get well deserved respect and make an adequate, if not generous, livings, Jancis seems to be concerned about the predicament of the majority of Muscadet producers who are not in this exalted elite. At best, they sell large quantities at knock down prices to French supermarket chains, which generally, but not always, means dilute quality and meagre livings. It is understandable, albeit misguided IMO, that these growers wish to make their wines more populist by introducing Chard and SB and allowing more RS while still calling them Muscadet. I think that this would confuse consumers, thereby weakening the market niche enjoyed by the elite for "authentic" Muscadet as we know it today and, in all probability, failing to improve the incomes of the majority.

Incidentally I saw at our local Carrefour some Chard from Grandlieu (i.e. in the Muscadet area) sold as VdP du Val de Loire. I think that growers who no longer wish to make authentic Muscadet would do better to follow that labelling.
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