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WTN: Forlorn Hope, Pinot, and Corison (Acappella)

by Brian K Miller » Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:51 am

Some brief notes.

2006 Forlorn Hope Petit Verdot. Suisun Valley. This was in a very nice place. Purple color, Great acidity and tannins. Earth, licorice/anise, black fruit. A savory/funky note that I really enjoyed. Soft black fruit with a deliciously smooth mouth feel. This may be my last bottle :( but I do have a 2007.

2009 Vellum Napa Valley Black (Petit Verdot and Merlot). A very nice wine project from a pair of enthusiastic newcomers. Dark, tannic, delicious. I like what these guys are trying to do, but this is the first Vellum wine where I think they seriously nail it!

2000 ACAPPELLA (Corison) Kronos Vineyard Petit Sirah. Huge wine...not in alcohol, but just big blueberry flavors, with that delicious herbal and meaty edge I love in good Petit Sirah. Earth, still some tannins. Tastes amazingly fresh and lively...not like a 13 year old wine. Took a little time to open up.

Kronos Vineyard was actually originally planted to Petit Sirah before Cathy budded it over. A few vines did not "take" and she made delicious Petit Sirah for a few (a couple???) of years. Theyawere already sold out of the 2001, so I nabbed this one. Yum!

Gracianna Winery Bacigalupi Vineyard Pinot Noir 2009. Nice fruit-forward Russian River Valley Pinot. Bold black cherry cola fruit.
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