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Composition Reif 2002/Pettirosso 97

by Agostino Berti » Sun Aug 04, 2013 7:00 pm

Josephus Mayr - Composition Reif 2002 - Cabernet and Lagrein, I think. Somewhere on the bottle it says UNTERGANZNER which I thought was pretty cool. I don't know what it means. This wine must be from Alto Adige? It says Bozen - Italia which I assume is Bolzano. This is Lagrein land - a grape that has been heralded and guided out of obscurity by our friend Robin Garr.
Color: Dark, like a Vampire
Nose: Bright, earthy, citrusy
Code Name: Fursft
Mouth: Big and fruity. Tasty and a touch rustic. It's got that nice grapiness of Lagrein. It's going real well with my scamorza, porcini, carciofini, luganega pizza. Indeed, like most Italian wines, German speaking or not, they are best with food. Good food. I'm liking this wine, it's a little beast. How is this wine so jammy? He must've left the grapes on til goshdarn november.

Il Pettirosso 1997 - Ar.Pe.Pe. - Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio - Valtellina, Italia - Nebbiolo from the Alps
This is a transition wine - started by Mr.Perego the elder and finished by his surprised son and daughter after he died.
Color: Beautiful clear nebbiolo color. A touch dark actually for Valt nebbiolo. It started out orange with a haze. Nose has been everywhere - and not always good places. This thing is alive and..confused. It's actually a monster nebbiolo full of tartness and grip. I wonder what will happen in 10 yrs. Right now its a flailing beast. Somewhat tasty. Honestly I doubt this wine is ever going to reach a really good plateau. There's too much volatility I think - something is unstable.
Nose: mountain nebbiolo herbs with tar
Mouth: juicy, rich, tangy - a bit weird.
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