Teach wine appreciation in French schools?

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Teach wine appreciation in French schools?

Postby Robin Garr » Thu Nov 30, 2006 3:17 pm

<i>What do you think? Would this fly in the U.S.? Heck, will it fly in France?</i>

PARIS (Reuters) - French schools should teach young people how to appreciate wine, a group of parliamentarians said in a report on Thursday, calling for an education campaign to help the ailing sector.

French winemakers have suffered from a decline in exports and a fall in consumption at home, where 92 percent of under-25s say they prefer other drinks, the report said.

"To hold a forceful position in the world, French wine must first assume a strong position at home," the report said, calling for education programmes to inform young people about the origins, history and characteristics of French wines.

"Learning about healthy living starts from childhood and primary school," said the report, compiled by Philippe-Armand Martin and Gerard Voisin, deputies from the ruling UMP party.

"Teaching our children about regional products, about how they are cultivated and transformed to acquire their taste... can only help them keep their health and promote demands for quality and respect for nature."

The wine industry, a cornerstone of French life that employs about 75,000 people, has suffered as the country has become more health conscious. Consumption per head has dropped to about 55 litres per year, from 100 litres in 1970, the report says.

Read full Reuters story here
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Re: Teach wine appreciation in French schools?

Postby Rahsaan » Thu Nov 30, 2006 3:32 pm

Hey, if you can afford it, sounds like a good idea. Like teaching proper nutrition and appreciation of food in US and UK schools. Improves health as well as fulfilling the aesthetic goals.

Although there is obviously an economic aspect to this too..
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Re: Teach wine appreciation in French schools?

Postby ClarkDGigHbr » Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:32 am

Teaching wine drinking to school children? This is outrageous !! It is the parents' responsibility to teach their children about wine.

The schools will just have to be satisfied with teaching their children about sex, unless it includes wine consumption as part of that lesson. :lol:

-- Clark
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