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Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:01 pm

WTN: Some Austrian/Slovene Wines from BlueDanube..(long/bori

by TomHill » Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:15 pm

We tried last night (12/7/16) Some Austrian/Slovene Wines from BlueDanube:
1. PeterBernreiter Gemischter Satz DAC: Wien/Jedlersdorf (13.5%; www.Bernreiter.At;
Vienna/Wien 2015
: Light gold color; very fragrant GV-like very flowery some mineral/chalky lovely perfumed nose;
somewhat tart/citric very flowery/GV-like slight tangy/metallic bit chalky/mineral very attractive flavor; very
long/lingering floral/carnations/aromatic/GV some stony/chalky/mineral quite juicy finish; not at the level of
an IngridGroiss but a lovely/flowery GS at a great price. $18.95 (BDWC)
2. Geyerhof GrunerVeltliner HoherRain DAC: Kremstal (12.5%; www.Geyerhof.At; BioDynamic; CertifiedOrganic)
Oberfucha 2015
: Light gold color; beautiful very aromatic flowery/GV/gardenias/orangey slight mineral/stony nose;
lightly tart fairly rich/lush quite floral/GV/almost R-like light mineral/citric/tangy/orangey some complex flavor;
very long/lingering lightly tart/tangy very floral/GV/gardenias light stony/mineral/orangey finish; a really lovely
GV w/ loads of lush GV fruit; very balanced and should go out 5-8 yrs. $26.95 (BDWC)
3. Muhr-Van der Niepoort Prellen (90% GrunerVeltliner/10% Riesling; Frmtd on the skins; 12%) Kirchen/Carnuntum
: color; more earthy/chalky some flowery/GV very slight phenolic/dishwater/appley rather subdued/
closed nose; quite tart rather austere lightly phenolic bit earthy/washed-out very light flowery/GV/appley
flavor; med.short light GV/flowery/appley rather tight/lean/austere lightly phenolic flavor w/ very light tannins;
not a lot of phenolic character but not a lot of GV fruit either; a sort of Oakland wine and a bit washed-out.
$26.95 (BDWC)
4. Brut Urbanique Cremant de Portland (CheninBlanc/CabFranc/GamayNoir; 12.5%; 60% WashState/40% OR; Division Winemaking Co/Portland 2013
: color; rather toasty/charred bit funky/
mousey fairly earthy/loamy strong toasted marshmallow/herbal quite weird nose; lightly petillant herbal/toasted
marshmallow bit funky/mousey toasted/charred flavor; med.long pungent/toasted marshmallow/herbal dry tart
frizzante slight mousey/funky finish; no CheninBlanc character that I can detect; a rather peculiar/pungent
PetNat "natural" wine but also kind interesting; way overpriced at $38.50 (BA)
5. Stoka Vitovska Penece Petillant/Kras (11.8%; www.Stoka.Si) Primoz & Tadej Stoka/Krajna/Kras/Slovenia 2015: Light
gold color w/ fine bubbles; some SO2/burnt matchsticks quite pungent/home perm/beauty shop rather earthy/mousey
maybe a bit phenolic rather unattractive nose; very petillant earthy/pungent/smoked hot dogs light phenolic/
skin-contact bit sewer gas/cesspool very strange; med.long soft/fat rather gassy pungent/smoked hotdogs/home perm
finish; lots of tiny bubbles forming all sorts of fractal patterns on the surface; a very strange wine and not
particularly attractive but since it is a "natural" wine, I guess I'm supposed to like it. $24.95 (BDWC)
6. Stoka Vitovska Grganja/Kras (12.4%) 2014: color; lightly phenolic/resiny bit orangey/skin-contact slight
floral/earthy/appley/pungent rather interesting nose; somewhat soft/fat light skin-contact/phenolic/resiny slight
tangy/metallic rather earthy/loamy slight floral/apple flavor w/ very light tannic bite; very long/lingering soft
lightly phenolic/skin-contact/resiny slight appley/floral/apple blossom finish; a somewhat skin-contact light
but not a lot of fruit. $22.95 (BDWC)
7. Santomas Malvazija V.O. Slovenska Istra L.N.Glavina (12.5%) 2014: color; quite fragrant Malvasia/slight
muscatty light earthy/dusty quite attractive nose; bit soft rather tangy/metallic dry/bit austere light Malvasia/
muscatty pleasant flavor; med.long soft light Malvasia/muscatty/floral some earthy finish; a pleasant enough
Malvasia but just that; fairly priced at $19.95 (BDWC)
8. Batic Pinela V.O. Vipavska Dolina ZGP: Kakovostno (; 13.5%) 2013: Med.light gold color; lightly
flowery/aromatic bit metallic/earthy/grapefruity/mineral some waxy/parafin/plastic/vinyl slight phenolic/
skin-contact nose; lightly tart/tangy/metallic citric/grapefruity bit waxy/figgy/parafin slight skin-contact/
phenolic/earthy flavor; very long light flowery/grapefruity/waxy bit tangy/metallic slightly washed-out finish;
a pleasant if a bit rustic wine but not one of the better examples of Pinella. $29.95 (BDWC)
9. Kabaj Ravan Sauvignonasse GoriskaBrda (www.Kabaj.Si; 12.5%) Jean-Michel Morel & Katja Kabaj/Dobrovo 2013: Light
gold color; light phenolic/skin-contact some flowerly/Friulano/grapefruity/orangey interesting/pleasant nose;
quite tart light skin-contact/phenolic/resiny light flowery/Friulano/apple blossom bit austere flavor w/ light
tannins; very long light phenolic/resiny some flowery/Friulano/appley/apple blossom bit stony/earthy finish w/
light tannins; a skin-contact light w/ nice balance of TF fruit & phenolic character; quite a nice/interesting
white. $24.95 (BDWC)
10. Kabaj Rebula GoriskaBrda (Frmtd on the skins; 12.5%) 2013: bronze color; strong phenolic/
skin-contact/resiny slight graham cracker/smoked hot dog rather orangey/honeyed very interesting nose; quite
tart/austere strong phenolic/resiny/skin-contact/cidery slight RG/peppery flavor w/ some bitter tannins; very long
quite phenolic/skin-contact/resiny bit graham cracker/earthy very light peppery/RG finish w/ light tannic bite;
lots of skin-contact/phenolic character but some peppery/RG fruit hidden in there. $26.95 (BDWC)
11. Juris St.Laurent Selection (14%; www.Juris.At) A.u.H. Stiegelmar/Gols/Burgenland 2011: Med.dark color; very strong
toasty/charred/oak rather earthy/loamy/compost pile some herbal slight licorice/pungent/grapey nose; soft very
strong toasty/burnt/charred/oak very earthy/loamy/compost pile strong licorice/boysenberry/big fruit flavor w/
light gentle/smooth tannins; very long very strong charred/burnt/oak some boysenberry/licorice rather earthy/loamy
finish w/ light smooth tannins; a bit too much burnt oak but lots of loamy Burgenland Red character; fairly
priced at $20.00 (BDWC)
12. Santomas Refosk V.O. Slovenska Istra (13.5%) L.N.Glavina/Slovenia 2015: Very dark/near black color; lovely
intense plummy/black cherry cola/boysenberry/Refosco perfumed talc/hair oil light oak bit herbal/earthy lovely
nose; lightly tart bit earthy/rustic strong plummy/black cherry cola/boysenberry/big fruit slight oak flavor w/
light rough tannins; very long boysenberry/plummy/black cherry cola light earthy/rough classic Refosco finish w/
some rough tannins; a bit on the rustic side but plenty of Refosco/black cherry cola character; needs a few yrs
yet; very fairly priced at $24.95 (BDWC)
More stuff from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. BlueDanube: Over the last few yrs, as I've tried more & more Austrian/Slovene wines, most from Calif &
Colorado; I've noticed that many I liked came from BlueDanubeWineCompany ( out of
LosAltos. A few months ago, as I was tracking down some info on their WebSite, I noticed that you could
buy direct from BDWC. So I put together a case of interesting wines from Austria & Slovenia that I'd not tried.
These wines were that case. They have a VinoDanubia Club that you can join for a $49 that qualifies for free
shipping. That's a real deal and pretty much recooped that cost on this first order.
2. Pinella: There are two varieties that are indigeneous to the VipavaVlly, Zelen and Pinela. As best I can tell, there
has been little DNA work on the origins or parentage of these varieties. Pinela is probably the same as the
rare red variety known as Pinella (or Pinello) in Friuli, given the commonality of varieties in the area. Zelen
is a white variety that may be related to the pedestrian variety Verduzzo in Friuli. We had a PetiteBurja Zelen
2010 several yrs ago that was so tasty that we ordered a case of it. These are two varieties that are interesting
enough that they should be planting them all up&down the Coast in Calif.
3. Kabaj: This is a wnry located in the GoriskaBrda of Slovenia, near Dobrovo. The winemaker, from Burgundy, who married
into the Kabaj family, makes wine in dolia (amphorae), lots of skin-contact on the whites, and is regarded as a
"natural" winemaker. They also have a restaurant and AgriTurismo at Kabaj. On one of our tasting excursions
at Vinoteka Brda in Dobrovo, they were setting up a BD party celebration for Jean-Michel that night. I had taken
in a Forlorn-Hope RibollaGialla to share w/ David (owner) and he brought Jean-Michel over to introduce us and
try the F-H. "It's different" he declared!! Alas, the next day he was leaving town & I was unable to do a visit
to Kabaj.
Savignonasse is the variety that used to be known in Friuli as TokajFriulano, but the term is now outlawed
by the EU.

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