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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Novy Syrah Page-Nord '00...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:33 pm

Also tried this last night:
1. Novy Syrah Page-NordVnyd/NapaVlly (15.1%) 2000: Dark color w/ some bricking; strong blackberry/blueberry/Syrah some bretty/horsecollar some toasty/Siduri oak/smokey bit complex nose; soft rather pencilly/Siduri oak/smokey fairly strong blackberry/Syrah/blueberry bit complex flavor w/ light smooth/gentle tannins; long rather pencilly/smokey/Siduri oak some blueberry/Syrah/blackberry bit drying finish w/ light gentle tannins; pleasant enough mature Syrah w/ lots of signature Siduri oak but not developed into anything special; will quietly fade away into the sunset.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I've always liked Adam's Syrahs but never thought them to have the structure for long aging. But sometimes it's just the balance that carries a wine out there. I've always regarded his Napa Syrahs as the least of his Syrah portfolio. So I was surprised as to how good this wine was. Nothing profound, just pleasant drinking. Sometimes that's all you want.

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