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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: A Pre-Thanksgiving MishMash...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:25 pm

We tried last week (11/22/17) A Pre-Thanksgiving Mish-Mash:
1. Indigenous DOC: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi (13%;;
Slctd by Giorgi Rivetti) 2015
: Light gold color; rather floral/fragrant/apple blossom slight
SO2/matchstick/lightly stinky light spicy/nutmeg fairly aromatic attractive nose; slightly tart
some floral/apple/apple blossom/spicy slight earthy/chalky rather attractive flavor; med.long
bit bright/floral/apple blossom/perfumed slight earthy/chalky finish; a rather pretty example
of Verdicchio but just that; very fairly priced at $16.00 (AV)
2. Fontevecchia Casalfarneto DOC: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore (13%;
EnotecImports/Denver; www.CasaFarneto.It) Serra de Conti/Serra San Quirica/Marche 2015
: Light
gold color; less aromatic light floral/mango/spicy more earthy/chalky nose; bit softer light
floral/almondy/mango some earthy/chalky bit simple flavor; bit soft light floral/bitter almond/mango
light spicy bit simple finish; a pleasant enough white but a bit innocuous. $16.00 (SFW&S)
3. UntiVnyds Verdicchio DryCreekVlly (11.9%; 15% Picpoul; 3rd vintage; Concrete egg; 158 cs) 2016: Light
gold color; very attractive apple/quince light floral/carnations rather spicy nose; bit soft slight
metallic attractive floral/apple/quince rather spicy slight earthy flavor; long bit soft lightly
floral/apple/quince/spicy bit earthy finish; an altogether pleasant/pretty white but just that.
4. Avanguardia DueFiori SierraFoothills WW (12.5%; Semillon/Flora/CheninBlanc/OrangeMuscat; NevadaCity 2011
: Light gold color; light figgy/Semillon/graham cracker
slight muscat/floral some earthy/dusty very slight floral/carnations pleasant/interesting nose;
rather soft light figgy/Semillon/graham cracker slight floral bit earthy/root cellar flavor;
med.long graham cracker bit figgy/Semillon some earthy bit soft finish; speaks quietly of Semillon
w/ little muscat character; a pleasant/simple white but just that. $16.00
5. Mustili Piedirosso Sannio DOC: San't Agata dei Goti (12%; 2014: Med.dark color;
quite earthy/dusty/bit loamy slight cherry/Sangio-like bit raspberries somewhat rustic/coarse nose;
soft quite earthy/dusty/loamy slight cherry/raspberry rather rustic/coarse bit light flavor w/ light
rough tannins; long bit cherry/Sangio-like/raspberry quite earthy/dusty/loamy rather coarse finish w/
light coarse tannins; some pleasant Sangio-like character but mostly a coarse/rustic peasant red.
$23.00 (AV)
6. Vines Mediteraneos Albahra Envinate RW (GarnachaTintorera or AlicanteBouchet; 14%;; 50% whole-cluster; 8 cement tanks) CanaryIslands L-2014
: Med.dark
color; rather fragrant floral/violets/cherry bit earthy/dusty/OV quite aromatic nose; light cherry/floral/
violets bit earthy/dusty/OV quite pleasant flavor w/ light tannins; very long light raspberry/cherry/
floral/violets/rose petal some earthy/dusty/OV/loamy finish w/ light brittle tannins; rather a light-weight
for AB grape but lots of aromatics; quite an interesting/attractive red at an attractive price. $17.50 (KK)
More fake news from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Verdicchio: Is accorded the honor by d'Agata as being Italy's greatest native white grape. Because of
the genetic diversity, it probably originated in the Veneto, where it is known as Trebbiano di Soave,
and then migrated to the Marche. These three did not make a convincing case for d'Agato's assertion.
Of these three Verdicchios, I liked the Unti the best, but none really thrilled me.
2. Piedirosso: A red grape found mostly in the Campania region. Name comes from the red stalks on the
grape bunches. Used mostly to blend w/ Aglianico. Enjoying a mild revival in the area. Of the three
examples I've tried, they'yve not made a convincing that it should be planted all up&down the
coast of Calif.
3. Envinate: This is a cooperative effort of 4 winemakers who met in Enology school. Their focus is to
explore the wines from the CanaryIslands and RiberaSacra regions. I rather liked this wine and thought
it a very unusual expression of AlicanteBouschet.

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