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Northern California

2012 Cassini Bordeaux A.O.C.

by Brian K Miller » Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:03 pm

Actually St Emillion, but not classified.

Merlot-based right bank wine, but not a typical goop-bomb (Lyle Fass raves about this winery). "Vin Biologique". No oak!!!! (The owner hates new oak). This is just delicious, delicious wine. All about the earth, savory, tobacco, plum fruit, some green pepper providing a lovely kick of freshness. Tannins are there, but this wine also has a silky character I loved. Not "cheap", but in a world of $100 Napa Cabernet and Merlot that taste like Blueberry Pom with vodka, I will gladly pay the high $20s pricing!

Also: Picked up my Joseph Swan club shipments! My favorite of the day was a CHARDONNAY, Hawkes Hill, that was bracingly crisp and delicious and flavorful.

Their neighbor up the hill, Woodhead, also had a delicious wine, a RRV Zinfandel that was frisky with black pepper. The French Colombard was interesting, too! Almost had a "Riesling without the petrol" character, but I was probably prompted by the Riesling-style bottle.
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