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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: ArbeGarbe SonomaCnty WW '16...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Thu Dec 28, 2017 7:41 pm

Tried this on Christmas w/ Susan & friends:
1. ArbeGarbe SonomaCnty WW (14%; 45% Catie'sCorner Malvasia/30% Tanya'sVnyd RibollaGialla/25% PaganiRanch OV TocaiFriulano; StHelena 2016: Pale gold slight hazy color; strong floral/Malvasia/spicy/almost GWT-like slight peppery/earthy very aromatic nose; rather tart/tangy strong floral/malvasia/light muscatty slight white pepper/RG/spicy slight stony/earthy lovely flavor; very long bright/zippy tangy/tart totally dry very floral/malvasia/light muscatty bit peppery/spicy slight earthy/stony finish; quite a lovely aromatic white. $30.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. ArbeGarbe: This is the label of Enrico & Letezia Bertoz. Enrico is winemaker at FloraSprings. They both hail from the Friuli region and make wines that reflect that background. Enrico worked in Friuli at Nonino, the grappa producer.
I'm a huge fan of Malvasia from Friuli/Croatia/Slovenia. It is made from a variety called Malvasia d'Istriana, whose origins are on the Istrian Peninsula of Croatia. There is none yet commercially available in Calif, though FPS has some currently in quarantine. The Malvisia in Calif is the more common MalvasiaBianca. Often that makes a rather candied/tutti-fruti kind of wine, not too dissimilar from Muscat. Malvasia d'Istriana makes a wine w/ more subtlety and more mineral character. I thought the two other varieties toned down the Malvasia character and made this a very good wine that resembled a good Malvasia d'Istriana.
2. SauvignonVert: There use to be a lot of SauvignonVert planted in Calif, where it made a dreadfully dull wine. There are still some old plantings of SV here & there in Calif, mostly in the NorthCoast. There is also a SauvignonVert planted in Friuli, where it is also known as Sauvignonasse or Friulano or TocaiFriulano. Hence there is some confusion on the variety in Calif. According to MikeOfficer, most of the old Calif SauvVert plantings have been identified as Muscadelle. Wouldn't surprise me if this is what's planted at Pagani.

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