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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Bulfon PiculitNeri '15...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:30 pm

Tried with SteveMatthiasson on Fri (2/2/18):
1. EmilioBulfon IGT: Piculit Neri delle Venezie (13%; www.Bulfon.It/en; TerroirImports/Denver; 2016L1) Valeriano/
Pinzano al Tagliamento NV (2015?)
: Dark color; very strong blackberry/black cherry/PNeri rather Refosco-like/
licorice rather earthy/loamy bit rustic fairly perfumed nose w/ lots of rustic/bass notes; lightly tart/tangy/
lean bit sharp/angular very strong blackberry/black cherry/PNeri/licorice somewhat earthy/loamy/dusty/rustic
quite Refosco-like flavor w/ light lean/angular tannins; very long some tart/tangy/angular rather earthy/loamy/
rustic strong blackberry/black cherry/PNeri rather Refosco-like fairly rustic/rough finish w/ modest rough
tannins; quite a classic PiculitNeri w/ lots of Refosco-like/earthy/rustic character; much like a rustic Friuli
Refosco. $21.00 (DiVino)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. SteveMatthiasson was in NM last week for the Taos WinterWineFestival. I had promised to show him a couple of
Schioppettinos (OrsiFamily & Ronchi di Pietro) he had not tried and decided to ad the Bulfon PiculitNeri,
which I was sure he'd not tried, or even heard about. Less than a year ago, a new wine shop had opened in
Taos, the first really good wine shop the likes of which Taos has never seen. Taking advantage of all these
winemakers being in town, Angelica lined up a few to come down (from the Taos Ski Vlly, woefully lacking in
snow this yr) and show their wines at TheCellar. So I thought this would be a good opportunity for Steve
to taste these wines there. He really liked the Ronchi Schioppettino and was quite intrigued by this
PiculitNeri wine.
2. Bulfon: EmilioBulfon is a guy who specializes and rescues traditional Friulian varieties (Ucelut/Piculit Neri/
Sciaglin/Forgiarin/Cividin/Cjanorie/Cordenossa) from extinction. Across the board, the wines are quite good/
unique and well-priced. The labels are very ornate, taken from the frescos in the Chiesa di Santa Maria dei
Battuti in nearby Valeriano. The only downside is that he does not vintage date his wines. Sometimes it's
just a handwritten date on the back label, sometimes just a bottling date and lot # in tiny pring on the label.
We visited the wnry two yrs ago. It is a very modern wnry and very much worth the detor. They also have an
Agriturissmo. And a visit to the nearby tiny little Chiesa to view the frescos is well worth it.
The wines are imported by TerroirImports in Denver, so not difficult to find in CO. Distribution in other
parts of the USA appear to be spotty, so they're not widely available that I can tell.

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