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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Lucchetti Visciola NV....(short/boring)

by TomHill » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:55 pm

Took this back to NYC to try w/ Cam/Carol:
1. Lucchetti Visciola SourCherryWine from Morro d'Alba (13%; MassanoisImports/NYC) Mario Lucchetti/Morro d'Alba NV: Very dark color; beautiful very intense chocolate covered cherries rather boysenberry/Lacrima bit earthy very perfumed/aromatic some complex nose; slightly sweet (3%-5%?) intense chocolate covered cherries boysenberry/Lacrima/bit licorice quite perfumed complex flavor w/ some crunchy tannins; very long/lingering quite black cherry/chocolate intense boysenberry/Lacrima slightly sweet slight earthy finish w/ modest tannins; best Visciola I've ever had. $36.00/500 ml (WineBazaar)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. About a month ago, I was gifted a btl of the Lucchetti Lacrima Passito. I was blown away by it, it resembled the Ridge PetiteSirah Essence. So I wanted to try other Lucchetti wines & inquired at MassanoisImports. Nik Malkames directed me to WineBazaar, who stocked the Visciola and the regular Lacrima, which I ordered.
I was mightly impressed by this Visciola, easily the best one I've ever tried. It was not as sweet as most Viscioli and more winey and less cherry syrup in character. It was dynamite paired w/ the JasperHill BluCheese.
2. Visciola: This is an obscure speciality of the Morro d'Alba area. Made from the local Visciola cherries and Lacrima grapes. Made one of two ways. The cherry juice is pressed out in July and then chilled as juice until the Lacrima grapes come in, at which time it is cofermented w/ the Lacrima juice. Or, in July, it is fermented out as a cherry wine and then added to the Lacrima juice to coferment.
Usually, the Viscioli are a quite sweet dessert wine that speaks mostly of cherry syrup. In this Lucchetti, the cherry character was not nearly as strong and the beautiful Lacrima character came thru loud & clear.
This is a wine that should be a no-brainer to make in Calif. The SuisunVlly has lots of cherries and making this from SuisunVlly PetiteSirah would be an obvious thing to do. MattRorick loved the Visciola I showed him one time...but ignores my impassioned pleas to make a Visciola.
Next is to try the Lucchetti Lacrima and then reorder from WineBazaar.

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