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Brewery Review: Sante Adairius in Santa Cruz

by Brian K Miller » Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:35 pm

Sante Adairius has their original location in Capitola, with a brand new rustic-chic-hipster tap room in Santa Cruz proper on semi-hipsterish Soquel Avenue.

MAJOR impressive place. They have odd names for their beers, so no tasting notes per se. BUT, they had a delicious balanced sour that went well with a sour-based vegan sandwich. Very tasty after the monumental bicycle ride I completed on Saturday. They also had a couple of hazy IPAs that were deliciously balanced and bright and flavorful.

The vibe is very nice as well, lots of wood, English Baronial Hall kind of thing with industrial elements. Copacetic crowd-seemed to be a lot of regular locals checking in over the evening.

Nice way to finish the an epic Santa Cruz adventure. Bicycling at 68 degrees is far nicer than riding in 104 degrees.
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