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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Two Older Amador Reds...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:10 pm

Tried these last Sunday:
1. Montevina Zin Amador Cnty SpecSlctn (EB; 15%) 1979: Dark color w/ some bricking; rather cedary/pencilly/oldZin fairly toasty/Am.oak bit alcoholic/fumey bit raisened/porty some briary/blackberry/Zin/Amador fairly complex/oldZin nose; soft bit alcoholic/fumey rather cedary/pencilly/oldZin some Amador briary/blackberry/Zin/boysenberry/ripe bit tired/drying complex flavor w/ light drying tannins; very long some alcoholic/fumey/porty some briary/Amador/blackberry cedary/pencilly/toasty/Am.oak finish w/ light drying/bit astringent tannins; in rather good condition for an old Amador Zin with still some fruit but on its last legs.
2. Santino CabernetSauvignon AmadorCnty/ShenandoahVlly/Calif (13.4%; 675 cs; BaldinelliVnyd) 1982: Med.color w/ some bricking; rather earthy/dusty some oldBdx/Cab rather cedary/pencilly/cigar box/oldCab slight bretty light blackcurranty/Cab/slight cherry bit toasty/oak somewhat complex nose; some tart/lean/hard rather earthy/dusty/bit loamy slight blackcurranty/Cab/cherry rather pencilly/cedary/oldBdx/Cab bit toasty/oak complex flavor w/ light bit astringent/drying tannins; long rather earthy/dusty/oldBdx slight blackcurranty/Cab bit toasty/oak complex finish w/ light drying tannins; more oldBdx character than ripe Amador Cab character; a rather interesting old Cab but on its downhill path.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Bill & Jane Easton recently bought a condo here in SantaFe, so we'll be seeing them a whole lot more here, hopefully. They invited Susan & me over for dinner at their new digs last Sunday, so I dug down into my cellar for a few oldies that I thought might interest them. The wines were clearly on their last legs but still offered up some pleasure of the intellectual kind. There were also a bunch of the TerreRouges that I didn't take notes on. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the wines & the food & the company.
2. Montevina: This Zin was made in the hey-day of CaryGott at Montevina. They were all pretty big/brash classic ShenandoahVlly wines. Montevina is now, of course, the Trincher's Terre d'Oro wnry. The wines are nowhere like the Montevina wines of old, much lighter in style, more SutterHomey, but they actually have some interesting wines in their lineup, especially the Teroldego.
3. Santino: This Cab would have been when Nancy Santino still owned the wnry after MatSantino's death. They owned a wine shop down in SanJose and decided they wanted to be in the winemaking biz, so opeed their wnry on SteinerRd right across from GrandPereVnyd and down the hill from LeeSobon's ShenandoahVnyds. This Cab would have been made from Ed&Kay Baldenelli's grapes just after ScottHarvey came on-board after leaving Montevina. When Bill moved to the ShenandoahVlly, he bought the old Baldinelli property.

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