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Dale Williams


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Tue Mar 21, 2006 5:32 pm


Dobbs Ferry, NY (NYC metro)

WTN: Wines of a warm summer week

by Dale Williams » Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:28 pm

Wednesday was hot, but by the river (in shade, with breeze) it felt pretty good at concert. We carried charcuterie (porchetta, pate, bresaolo made with cherry liqueur), kale salad, watermelon, green bean salad. Others shared cheeses, grapes, tomato/feta

2016 Domaine des 2 Anes “Premiere Pas” Corbieres

(I thought this said ZANes till Fred corrected). Bright, chewy red fruits, crisp and light. B/B+

2017 Triennes rose
Bright, strawberries and herbs, good. B

2014 Jo Landron “Les Houx”Muscadet
Bright acids, citrus, but a little simple/clipped. Not Pepiere. B-

Friends came over Thursday, too hot to eat outside. We started with charcuterie and white anchovies, then had steamed lobster, caprese, and green salad.

2013 de Courcel Bourgogne Blanc

Full, some oak, pear and a little vanilla. B

2015 Bzikot Bougogne Blanc
Crisper, apple and pear, hint of nut. B/B+

2017 Lapierre Morgon
My first 2017 Beaujolais. I quite liked. Black cherry, cranberry, herbs and a flinty mineral note. A little cocoa with air. Fuller style, some tannin, good length. B++

Friday Betsy made chapli burgers (garam masala, coriander, etc) with tamarind ketchup and yogurt sauce

2011 Melini “La Selvanella” Chianti Classico Riserva

Rather sharp tannin, riper fruit profile, black cherry and leather. B-

Then local group arrived for Italian White night. We had charcuterie (bresaola, fiocca, pate, salami) and cheeses (Ossau Iraty, Robiola, truffle Pecorino, gorgonzola). When we moved outside as it got cooler I grilled some sausages and pork belly confit

Blind wine #1
Guesses were Friuli/Alto Adige. Straw colored, light body, refreshing, citrusy. Good value B/B+
2016 Gini Soave

Blind wine #2
Medium to full bodied, peach/apricot, good length. B
2015 Feudo Montoni Catarratto

Blind wine #3
Deep gold color made some people guess it had some age. A nice (to me) bitter note, citrus zest over white cherry, but more mineral than fruity. I thought this would have been great with an oily fish. One of 2 divisive wines. B/B+
2016 Occhipinti SP68 bianco

Blind wine #4
Honied (though dry) full fresh. Another mackerel wine! Some disliked. B+
2009 Bea Santa Chiara

Blind wine #5
Light, citrus, bright but pretty simple. B-/C+
2016 Mazzei Codice

Blind wine #6
Hint of spritz, bright, tasty. Citrus and apple. B
2017 Terenzuola Cinque Terre

Nothing I went gaga over, but a nice assortment of wines.

One red , decanted a few hours before
1996 Marcarini “La Serra” Barolo
Raspberry and cherry, orange zest, rose petal, a little tar. Not most complex Barolo but drinking very well, smooth with no raspy tannin. A-/B+

Fun night with guys

Betsy’s sister and her husband came over Sat, some nibbles and then lobster, corn, heirloom tomato salad ($5.99/lb lobster this week).

2005 M. Bouzereau “Les Grand Charrons” Meursault

First one of these to show oxidation, not extreme but definitely beginning the slide. And these weren’t that complex to start with B-/C+

Break in the rain Sunday, so I grilled a butterflied chicken with vaguely N. African spices, some cauliflower, and corn, Betsy did beet greens and red cabbage slaw. Dinner on patio with 2017
Gros Nore Bandol rose
. Strawberry and peach, nutskin, flowers. B

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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David M. Bueker


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Thu Mar 23, 2006 12:52 pm



Re: WTN: Wines of a warm summer week

by David M. Bueker » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:08 pm

My recollection was that Jo Landron was reliable. Any other recent data points?
"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."
- George Orwell
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Mark S


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Thu Mar 23, 2006 5:28 pm



Re: WTN: Wines of a warm summer week

by Mark S » Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:01 pm

Dale Williams wrote:... Not Pepiere. B-

Sadly, a common refrain. :|
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Tue Mar 21, 2006 3:45 pm


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Re: WTN: Wines of a warm summer week

by Jenise » Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:31 pm

Had the Occhipinti myself just a few weeks ago. I get why it was divisive. My note: the color of 22 K gold, a color that means you first have to rule out oxidation. Blind, I'd have guessed some age. Interesting nose, and very dry on the palate. A wine you have to kind of get used to and pair carefully--needs something strong. A French onion soup would be perfect.
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