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Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:01 pm

WTN: Ridge Zin Jimsomare '91 & '92...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:26 pm

Cracked these two last night for Steve to try:
1. Ridge Zin JimsomareVnyd/SCM (100% Zin; 13.1%; 21 brls; bttld: May 93; hrvstd late Oct; Drk: 4/93-4/98: PD) 1991: Med.dark some browning color; rather interesting cedary/pencilly/oldZin some pungent/burning steel wool/graphite/welding shop some pencilly/oak complex nose; some tart/drying/metallic oldZin/pencilly/cedary slight spicy rather earthy/tangy/drying bit tired/metallic complex flavor w/ light metallic/drying tannins; long rather cedary/pencilly/oldZin some earthy/metallic/drying out finish; clearly beyond its prime but nearly as vile as the '02; of some intellectual interest but only that; doesn't offer up much pleasure.
4. Ridge Zin JimsomareVnyd/SCM (100% Zin; 14.8%; 25 brls; bttld May 94; Drk: 3/94-3/99-3/01: PD) 1992: Med.dark rather murky some brown color; slight pencilly/cedary/old Zin earthy/rotting sileage some mousey some oxidized quite unpleasant nose; very sour/rotting sileage/compost pile bit old Zin/cedary/pencilly dreadful flavor w/ light bit metallic tannins; way over the hill but in a way I've never seen in a Ridge before; not just old/tired but definitely DNPIM vileness; better than the one at the Ridge dinner but still down the drain it goes.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I took the '92 to the recent Ridge Dinner at Pig+Fig and, upon opening, found it to be totally shot. So I decided to pull my last btl just to check it. Low & behold, I found the '91 nestled in the box next to it, so decided to pull them both and share w/ Steve who was coming by to pick up his wine.
The '91 was 20 yrs beyond PaulDraper's drop-date. Nonetheless, it was not nearly as bad as one would expect.

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