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Bill Spohn


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Tue Mar 21, 2006 7:31 pm


Vancouver BC

WTN: Donjon Gigi Corino Poyferre Tardieu

by Bill Spohn » Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:02 pm

Blind tasting lunch notes

Giusti Prosecco Extra Dry Rosalia (nv) – this fizz avoided the primary sin (in my view and to my taste) of combining limp flavours withy too much RS. Decent nose, with some citrus, almost no colour, decent flavour, also citrus, a clean wine with good terminal acidity, inoffensive and neutral.

2010 Mendel Semillon – more chard than Semillon in presentation, some oak in the nose as well as soft melon/lemon, good stuffing and decent acidity. A real stumper!

2003 Jaboulet Chevalier de Sterimberg Hermitage –another white – must have been a last salute to the passing (past?) summer! Light amber with a sweet nose of honey and peaches, and some vanilla, and in the mouth, good body, and perhaps a hint of oxidation. Not bad.

2016 Lightfoot & Wolfville Pinot Noir Ancienne – from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, this was a very light colour, had an odd cranberry nose, was green, thin and acidic. Nice to taste a new area, but think they need a bit more global warming before entering the mainstream. Might have just been a poor vintage? It should be noted that other vintages have received good reviews, so could also just have been an off bottle.

2001 Vieux Donjon CNduP – medium colour, good red fruit nose without much pepper or garrigue, but a nice long smooth finish. Ready now!

2006 Vieux Donjon CNduP – interesting comparison – bright, with lively fruit, some leather iun the nose, decent weight and good length with some spice coming in. Good wine, but unaccountably hard to peg as CNduP, or even as a Rhone at all.

1993 Gigi Rosso Barolo Arione – picked up by a member just back from Piemonte. A slightly musty muted nose (cleared up a bit with time), fair bit of up front acidity, adequate fruit, and medium long finish. Ready now, and might be a tad past due date, which is not uncommon regarding the 1993 vintage, in my experience.

1997 Giovanni Corino Barolo Vigna Giachini – my wine, which I immediately trotted out to follow the 93. Darker with an excellent nebbiolo nose of tar and dark fruit, a sweet entry , excellent fruit levels, and a long sweet finish. Very good. I had a half case and this was the first I’d opened (I like to drink them when mature) and hate to inadvertently miss a drinking window – nailed this one, though and will drink the rest in the near to medium term.

1986 Leoville Poyferre – surprising how many people continue to characterize this vintage as hard and needing age, not having tried them recently. Many have come around very nicely and this is one of them. Typical claret nose and softer and more forward than I remembered with a fair bit of acidity. I have to wonder if this hasn’t started a little bit down the ‘other side’ of it’s development, but nonetheless pleasant.

2006 Tardieu-Laurent Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Spéciale – dark wine with a nose of meat and leather, just a hint ripe. In the mouth it reprised that nose, showing some ripeness and heat, finishing medium long. Good performance.

2013 Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider – that made two firsts for me, both from Canada, as this was from Quebec. Interesting to try but a miss for me – sweet over ripe apples says it all.
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David M. Bueker


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Thu Mar 23, 2006 11:52 am



Re: WTN: Donjon Gigi Corino Poyferre Tardieu

by David M. Bueker » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:22 pm

I have yet to drink a post-2001 Donjon that I actually liked.
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Tue Mar 21, 2006 2:45 pm


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Re: WTN: Donjon Gigi Corino Poyferre Tardieu

by Jenise » Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:12 pm

My notes:

Giusti Prosecco Extra Dry Rosalia (nv) – 100% agreement. Pleasant and crisp without the RS I dread. Wouldn't be a buyer, but it's better than most I've had.

2010 Mendel Semillon – I was sitting next to you but not at all part of the conversation at your end and I don't understand the stump. I immediately asked Nadine if it was a White Bordeaux, and when she said no I went straight to 100% semillon. That stood out to me clear as day. Very good and amazingly fresh for a 2010; shows no age whatsoever.

2003 Jaboulet Chevalier de Sterimberg Hermitage – David has brought these to lunch before, and this one wasn't as oxidized as the last though the alcohol still bites a bit.

2016 Lightfoot & Wolfville Pinot Noir Ancienne – my first Nova Scotia wine! Pale bluish dark pink-red, floral on the nose and lightly medicinally herbish on the palate like the cherry cough drops of my childhood. Interesting but not $45 interesting.

2001 Vieux Donjon CNduP – What you said.

2006 Vieux Donjon CNduP – Because it was our wine, I was probably predisposed to see it's Rhoniness, but I was surprised when your end of the table went to Oregon pinot noir.

1993 Gigi Rosso Barolo Arione – I agree, a bit past it's due date. Out of balance with respect to acidity and no-show on fruit, just gamey like a wet old dog. Mildly in its defense, it's only been home for a couple weeks so a bit of travel shock might have been at play here.

1997 Giovanni Corino Barolo Vigna Giachini – WOTN for both me and Bob. I think it's a lot better than 'Very Good'. Lucky you to have five more bottles. Can't believe the stuff you have that you've never touched.

1986 Leoville Poyferre –Very good.

2006 Tardieu-Laurent Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Spéciale – What you said. I had brought this as a comparison to the Donjon--two 06's, one 70% grenache and one 100%, but even though I didn't get them served in sequence I don't think it mattered, there wasn't anything to learn from the pairing.

2013 Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider – liked this better than you did. It was less sweet on the entry and finished with cider's quirky tartness. Very clean. Would love this with some cheddar cheese.
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