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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: A Blast from the Past: CharlesKrug Claret '68..(short/b

by TomHill » Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:47 pm

Had this served last night as a mystery wine:
1. Charles Krug Claret NapaVlly (12%; aged in 50 gal.oak) 1968: Med.dark color w/ some bricking; very strong charred/burnt/forest fire/campfire ashes/ash tray rather pungent/bit vanilla/Am.oak/bourbon somewhat earthy/oldCab bit bizarre/burning metal very complex/exotic nose; lightly tart very strong burnt/charred/forest fire/campfire smoke slight herbal/Cab some earthy/smoked hot dog some cedary/pencilly/oldRed flavor w/ light silky tannins; very long/lingering bit tangy/tart very strong burnt/charred/old campfire ashes/ashtray light herbal/Cab bit pencilly/cedary/oldRed very complex finish w/ light smooth/silky tannins; amazing youthful and no signs whatsoever of drying out and tired; amazing wine. $Cheap
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This was brought as a mystery wine by NormSchroeder last night. It was one he bought as a grad student at UCDavis sometime around 1970. It's been following him around all over the Nation until it wound up here in LosAlamos. Last night was its time.
This is a Cabernet blend that is no longer produced at Krug. The price was undoubtedly very cheap, less than $5, when Norm bought it. Given the winemaking back in those days, I would guess it was frmtd in large redwood tanks afore being transferred to small Am.oak, probably barrels that were once used for their Vintage Select Cabernet. Clearly the barrels had a lot of toast on them. It reminded me of my old flannel shirt after I had sat around/downwind from the campfire for several hours toasting marshmallows and bull$hitting on topics far & wide.
This wine was amazingly youthful and showing no signs of an immenent demise. I was guessing a wine from around 2000 that was subjected to a bizarre oak treatment. But 50 yrs old?? No way.
Thanks for sharing, Norm.

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