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Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:01 pm

WTN: Some New Boulder Wines...(long/boring)

by TomHill » Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:18 pm

Pre-Thanksgiving (11/21/18), we tried Some New Boulder Wines:
1. Cave MontBlanc Rayon Dd'OC: Vallee d'Aoste Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle (12.5%; Prie blanc family; Morgex 2014
: Light gold color; quite stony/perfumed talc/chalky slight pungent/
herbal/dirty feet light floral/carnations rathe classic Alpine white nose; quite tart/acidic/metallic/
lean quite stony/chalky/perfumed talc light floral/carnations flavor; med.long quite tart/acidic bit
metallic qute stony/chalky/mineral/saline/savory bit lean/austere finish; a pretty classic Alpine white
w/ lots of chalky/saline character. $24.00 (BWM)
2. Caespes Timorasso Dd'OP: Colli Tortonesi Terre di Libarna (13%;; Vignole Borbera 2015
: Light gold color; slight dishwater bit floral/
carnations slight chalky pleasant enough nose; rather soft/fat light/floral/carnations very slight
tangy/metallic flavor; med.short soft/bit fat/porky very light/floral/carnations bit tangy/metallic/
bitey finish; speaks of Timorasso with a whisper; one of the dullest Timorassos I've had.
$54.00 (TanninWB)
3. Vino Lauria Frappato Scoglitti IGT: Terre Siciliane (13%; www.VinoLauria.It; TheSortingTable/Napa)
Vino Lauria/Alcamo/Sicily 2016
: Light color; quite fragrant/perfumed strawberry/Pinotish/bit Bojo-like
some earthy/loamy light oak fairly classic Sicilian Frapatto nose; rather soft/light some fragrant/
strawberry/Frapatto/Pinotish rather earthy/loamy/dusty/OV light oak bit rustic pleasant flavor w/
light gentle tannins; med. light/delicate rather Pinotish/Frapatto/strawberry fairly earthy/loamy/
rustic finish w/ light gentle tannins; a light/gentle delicate Pinotish Frapatto a bit on the earthy/
rustic side but rather pricey. $27.00 (Cured)
4. Viotti Autignan VinoRosso (13.5%; 100% Brachetto; www.ViottiVini.It; BackRoadsImporting/Denver)
Castel Rocchero/Piemonte NV
: Med.dark color; very fragrant/perfumey floral/Brachetto/strawberry/raspberry
bit dusty/OV/earthy rather spicy very attractive/aromatic nose; fairly tart/tangy totally dry strong
floral/strawberry/raspberry/Brachetto bit dusty/OV quite perfumey flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very
long/lingering floral/bright/strawberry/raspberry/Brachetto light dusty/OV some tangy/tart finish w/
light tangy/brisk tannins; a bit on the austere side but a quite attractive dry Brachetto at a great
price; better than the latest Sottimano Mate Brachetto; prefer the Birbet style for Brachetto, though.
$15.00 (DiVino)
5. Viotti Albarossa DOC: Piemonte (14%; 100% Albarossa grape, Chatus X Barbera) 2013: Very dark color;
some earthy/dusty bit Barbera/dried Italian herbs/spicy rather aromatic light floral/Nebb-like/lilacs
very attractive nose; quite tart/tangy strong Barbera/dried herbs/fennel light floral/Nebb-like/lilacs/
licorice flavor w/ some hard/tangy tannins; very long/lingering rather tart strong Barbera/dried herbs/
Italian sausage/spicy light floral/Nebb-like bit earthy/dusty slightly complex finish w/ modest hard/
chewy tannins; speaks mostly of Barbera w/ a bit of floral/Nebb-like character; quite an attractive
Barbera. $27.00 (DiVino)
6. glatzer Carnuntum Rebencuvee Zweigelt (13.0%; TerryTheiseSlctn) Weingut-Glatzer/Gottlesbrunn/Austria
: Dark color; strong Zweigelt/blackberry/boysenberry/bit licorice some earthy/dusty/loamy/root cellar
almost Lodi Zin-like/mushroomy classic Zweigelt nose; soft/lush Zweigelt/boysenberry/grape/blackberry/
licorice somewhat earthy/loamy flavor w/ light smooth tannins; very long soft/ripe/lush some Zweigelt/
boysenberry/blackberry/grapey rather earthy/loamy finish w/ light tannins; a bit lightish for Zweigelt
but a very nice drinking red at a great price. $12.78 (PrimaIlC)
7. RedFoxCllrs Teroldego AVA: Grand Vlly/CO (13.5%; Palisade/CO 2016: Very dark/
near black color; very strong blackberry/black cherry cola/classic Teroldego/very spicy light toasty/
oak bit floral/licorice/pungent slight earthy lovely nose; bit soft slight metallic/tangy/earthy strong
Teroldego/black cherry cola/blackberry/boysenberry/ripe light toasty/oak bit earthy/licorice/pungent
flavor w/ modest tangy/bracing tannins; very long/lingering very spicy/boysenberry/black cherry cola/
classic Teroldego light earthy/pungent/licorice bit soft light oak finish w/ light tangy tannins;
needs 2-5 yrs; speaks strongly of Teroldego and reminds me a lot of the excellent Bevella; an absolutely
lovely expression of Teroldego that I'd be proud to share w/ Elisabetta; one of the best CO reds I can
recall. $nc (KS)/$40.00
8. MonkshoodCllrs Syrah WhiteWaterVnyd/GrandVlly/CO (13.8%; Grown in the Escarpment of GrandMesa; NathanLittlejohn/MonkshoodCllrs/Minturn/CO 2016
: Dark color; very strong
blackberry/boysenberry/Syrah/very spicy/bit black pepper very light toasty/oak slight earthy/dusty/
licorice very aromatic nose; bit soft/fat very strong blackberry/boysenberry/Syrah/spicy/peppery light
toasty/oak structured flavor w/ some hard/crunchy tannins; very long/lingering very strong Syrah/very
spicy/black pepper/blackberry/blueberry/boysenberry slight earthy/dusty light toasty/oak structured
finish w/ ample chewy/crunchy tannins; tannins really stand out now but should moderate w/ some 3-7 yrs
of age; best Syrah I've yet had from CO; reminds me a lot of a very good SantaBarbara Syrah, particularly
the Jaffurs Thompson, but w/o the lushness that Syrah shows; another outstanding CO red. $nc (KS)/$44.00
9. Tikves BarovoVnyds/SouthMacedonia (65% Kratosija/35% Vranac; 14.5%; EricSolomonSlctns; Philippe Cambie 2013
: Very dark/near black color; strong grapey/boysenberry/licorice/
blackberry quite earthy some loamy/compost pile bit alcoholic/fumey some toasty/oak rather rustic nose;
soft/fat/porky rather alcoholic/hot rather toasty/oak strong grapey/boysenberry/blackberry rather earthy/
loamy fairly coarse/rustic some toasty/oak flavor w/ soft/plush tannins; med. soft/fat strong grapey/
boysenberry/overripe some hot/fumey fairly toasty/oak rather coarse/rustic/porky finish w/ some soft/
overripe tannins; a pretty typical PhilippeCambie over-the-top overblown red; the Meiomi of the Kratosija
world; overpriced at $24.00 (BWM)
More trobapsell from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. The two CO wines came to me compliments of KyleSchlachter. They were two that particularly interested
me from the recent Governor'sCupCase.
RedFoxCllrs is the project of Scott & Sherrie Hamilton. They make an interesting tableau of wines,
including Dolcetto/Tempranillo/and Nebbiolo, plus the obligatory Merlot (aged in Bourbon barrels) and
CabSauv. I was quite impressed by this good an expression of Teroldego as you can find in
Trentino, except for that of ElisabettaForadori. But this is a Teroldego that I would happily show her
w/ no apologies necessary. It's the embracing of these alternative varieties that the CO wine industry
must do to escape the doldroms of being a State that just produces another set of the CabSauv/Merlot/
Chard paradigm. Sure would make Kyle's job a lot easier!!
MonkshoodCllrs is the effort of NathanLittleJohn. He makes a few interesting wines (CheninBlanc and
St.Vincent) and some ciders. I can't tell if he embraces the "natural winemaking" philosophy or not,
but this outstanding Syrah showed none of the earmarks/problems that "natural wine" can often show.
StVincent is a mystery grape whose origins are in Missouri. I'd love to try it to see what Nathan can
do w/ a native grape variety. He has a winemaking background at Mayacamas, plus others. This was easily
the best Syrah from CO I've yet tried.
2. Albarossa: A variety, rather rare, found almost exclusively in the Piemonte. It was originally developed
at Conegliano in 1938 as a cross between Nebbiolo X Barbera. Recent DNA work, though, indicates it is a
Barbera X Chatus, an obscure grape from the Ardeche in France.
3. Viotti: This was a new producer for me. Found these at the DiVino wine shop up in Denver. Viotti is run
by father Guido and daughter Bianca since 1969. The are particularly proud of their Albarossa. I was
impressed by these two wines and would like to try their others.
Back Roads Importing is a new importer (apparently) run by Blake Nicoloff out of Denver. Never seen
any of their wines up there before. They also carry a Baja wine and a couple of distillates.
4. Casepes: This was a new Timorasso producer I saw on the wine list at the TanninWineBar in KC. Thought I'd
find it at a much cheaper price at retail during my shopping, but no luck. So bought the btl of the Tannin
list. It should probably retail in the mid-$20's. Pretty dull stuff, even at that price.

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