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Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:01 pm

WTN: Two DryCreekVnyd Whites '17...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:41 pm

My DCV VSP shipment arrived last week, so I tried over the last two days:
1. DryCreekVnyd SauvBlanc Taylor'sVnyd DCV/SC (Musque clone; 14.2%; 395 cs; Drk: 1-3 yrs) 2017: Light gold color w/ tiny bubbles on side of glass/dissolved CO2; very fragrant floral/almost muscatty bit lemony strong SB/bit herbal/thyme/pungent light chalky/perfumed talc beautiful aromatic nose; some tart/tangy/bracing/slight CO2/prickle strong floral/bit muscatty/SB/herbal/thyme some lemony/grapefruity/citrusy bit lean lovely SB flavor; very long/lingering some floral/muscatty strong SB/herbal/citrusy/lemony quite attractive finish; another lovely DCV SauvMusque but seems less fragrant/muscatty and more SB/herbal and a bit less rich & more austere than previous versions; lovely wine at a very good price. $22.40 (VSP)
2. DryCreekVnyd TheMariness MeritageBlend DCV/SC (88% SauvBlanc/12% Semillon; 13.9%; Aged: 10 mo. in French/Acacia/Chestnut oak; 376 cs; Drk: 11/23-11/24) 2017: color; fairly strong lush/ripe light herbal/SB rather figgy/Semillon/bit waxy light toasty/oak very attractive perfumed nose; lightly tart rather rich/lush strong Sem/waxy/figgy light herbal/SB some toasty/pencilly/oak flavor; very long lush/ripe strong waxy/figgy/Semillon/bit earthy slight SB/herbal light toasty/pencilly/oak finish; the Semillon really comes thru on this wine for only 12%; ripe & lush for a DCV SauvBlanc but a very nice change of pace and a great addition to the DCV lineup. $28.00 (VSP)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Musque: This is a special clone of the SauvBlanc grape brought to Calif's attention by DougMeador of VentanaVnyds back in the '70's, where he brought it from obscurity after it at languished for yrs on the FPS varieties list. It tends to have a more aromatic/floral/almost muscatty aroma than the standard SB clone, mostly from Wente.
2. Mariness: This is a new addition to the DCV lineup. A Meritage white blend intended to accompany their Mariner Meritage red blend. I was particularly struck how much the Semillon stood out in this blend and dominated the SauvBlanc. Rather richer than most of the DCV SauvBlancs I thought, w/ more oak.

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