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Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:01 pm

WTN: HarborWnry Oloroso Solera NV...(short/boring)

by TomHill » Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:45 pm

Tried this last night from my latest Corti order:
1. HarborWnry Calif Oloroso Solera WW (22.4%) WestSacramento NV: Deep golden brown color; rather alcoholic/fumey/acetaldehyde quite Madeira-like some nutty/oxidized quite complex nose; very tart/tangy/sharp Madeira-like aldehydic rich/off-dry(?) some fumey/alcohilic bit Mission/oxidized/nutty rather complex flavor; very long/lingering near dry rather alcoholic/fumey nutty/Mission/oxidized/adelhydic very exotic/complex finish; the alcohol/acetaldehyde really stands out but there are a lot of interesting things therein; not as sweet/raisened/grapey as an Oloroso but more akin to a Bual Madeira; actually resembles a slightly sweet Catalan rancio wine or some of the old DeMueller Priorat rancios; not a lot of pleasure to drink on its own but there are places at table where this would work fine, like w/ soups or cheeses. $40.00 (CB)
1. CharlieMeyers used to make a Mission del Sol, from OV Deaver Mission grapes. It would be made from ripe Mission grapes and has the frmtation progressed, he would add boiled-down Mission juice until the frmtation naturally stopped at 17%-18% alcohol, leaving a modest amount of RS. Two articles describe the Mission del Sol:
Dunne/Mission del Sol
Corti/Mission del Sol .
Charlie made his first MdS in 1972 and the last bttld was the 1986. He would give it lengthy aging in Am.oak barrels. When he died a few yrs ago, there was a sizeable stock of MdS in barrel. His daughter, Margaret, blended them together and released a Criadera and Solera wine:
The wine is pretty fumey/alcoholic and should be served slightly cool to cut this down. A rather liked this exotic wine and it went well w/ my roasted corn/roasted butternut squash/Tasso ham soup.

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