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Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:01 pm

WTN: Two Older WindGaps....(short/boring)

by TomHill » Mon Sep 13, 2021 3:25 pm

Continuing to work thru some of my WindGaps, I tried last night:
1. WindGap PinotGris WindsorOakVnyd/ChalkHill/SonomaCnty (12%; 6 brls/144 cs; #929) 2013: Deep brown/gold/burnished bronze some cloudy color; some phenolic/ViniMacerati/resiny fairly fragrant floral/PG/gardenias/rose petal bit earthy fairly perfumed rather attractive nose; fairly tart/tangy bit tannic/bitey some light VM/resiny/phenolic light PG/floral/rose petal/gardenias/spicy some complex flavor w/ light tan nic bite; long rather spicy/PG/floral/rose petal bit tart/tangy/metallic bit complex finish w/ light tannins; not really strongly phenolic/VM & more like an aged rose; a rather attractive Ramato & much more attractive than the recent '08.
2. WindGap Syrah SonomaCoast (12.7%; 375 cs; #181) 2007: Quite dark color w/ some browning; some blackberry/Syrah fairly smokey/bit toasty/oak strong Rhonish/roasted/whole-cluster/peppery slight oxidative/cedary/oldRed fairly complex nose; fairly tart/tangy bit lean/eviscerated/rough strong blackberry/licorice/Syrah quite Rhonish/roasted meats/w-c/peppery bit tired/cedary/oldRed/slight oxidative some dusty/OV/earthy fairly toasty/oak some complex flavor w/ light tangy/bitey tannins; long rather Rhonish/roasted/smokey/w-c/peppery bit cedary/oldRed some blackberry/Syrah/licorice some complex finish w/ light rugged tannins; lots of interesting Rhonish character but not going to outlive the lean/hard character on the palate; has seen better times & tannins will never fully resolve I suspect.
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