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Re: Food One Should Never Eat

by TimMc » Thu Sep 14, 2006 11:49 pm

To each his own, Guys.

IMHO...brussels sprouts are garbage waiting to happen.

ICK :shock:
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Thu Jul 27, 2006 8:45 pm


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Re: Food One Should Never Eat

by AaronW » Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:27 am

Bill Spohn wrote:OK, I am an admitted non-dessert fan. For me the perfect finish to a meal is either a wine (Port , Sauternes, late harvest something) or cheese, or preferably both.

Nonetheless, when I was reading a supposedly serious foodie mag recently, I saw a recipe with Cool Whip in it. Gag!

I eschew anything made of Spam, Rice Crispies, and any other 'convenience' food of indeterminate origin. Cool Whip must be added to that list.

For anyone who is really interested in food, eating Cool Whip and still considering yourself a 'Foodie' must be the equivalent of a Sterno drinker calling himself a wine connoisseur.

Do people who care what they put in their mouths really eat this 'processed oil food'? If so, they probably wolf down Twinkies sitting in their closets so no one will know, and eat Spam coated with Rice Crispies......Jello, tuna melt, cream cheese, Velveeta sauces....aaiiieeeeee!!!!!!Image

OK Bill,
Here's a wine tasting note just for you-

Tasting note for "Bill Spohn Vineyards, Late Harvest, Non-Dessert-Vintage, Pourternes Private Reserve."

Beautiful on the pour, seductive appearance and viscosity reminiscent of Velveeta processed cheese spread. On the nose, exquisite aromas of Sterno and Jello with hints of buoyant Twinkies. Notes of tuna melt, Rice Crispies and cream cheese fill the palate ending with a pleasure-ably tantalizing, lingering finish with essence of Cool Whip and Spam.

You're Welcome and,

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