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Sun Apr 16, 2006 1:59 am

IOTM : Wild Meadow Champignon ( Agaricus campestris )

by tsunami » Thu Oct 12, 2006 1:25 pm

this is one of my absolute favorit mushroom!

because it has a great anis smell and taste it is really hedonistic, i prefer this over the porcini :wink:

clean as good as possible by hand, towel, knife and brush.
if needet, clean in water fast just bevor using.

bring to boil water in a large pot, with some vinigar, crushed black pepper, a laurel, and gray sea-salt . it hast to be verry salty, almost like the ocean.

heat up a small amount of olive-oil (enough to cover the garlic in youre pan)
cut garlic in pieces, and sear them in this oil (not brown!!) add laurel a bit of fresh thyme, let cool it down.

cut the champignons in nice bites, and put i in the strong boiling "stock,brew" let them there for 1 minutes, take them out and strain them well, place it over a dry towel for 20 seconds.

fill the champignon in a preserving galss-jar (some champignons a litle aromatised oil, a litle fresh olive-oil - champignons, oil, ..... until the jar is full, close it.

leave it for 30 days in a rally cold cellar, or in refrigerator.

let it rest 24 hours at room temperatur bevor opening the jar!

serving suggestions:


- on a appitizer-plate with parma-ham and similar

- surrounded by parmesan chunks or other cheese

- or just, with fresh bread


- with a cheese-souffle

- a side of a nice game- , duck- terrine


- it would make a stupendous amuse-bouche with a blue-cheese-ice-cream :wink:



and, :oops: sorry ! "no, it is not really possible to substiute grown-champignons"
it would never have even a hint of the great taste this has, sorry !!


:!: make shure it is the correct mushroom and not the toxic Amanita verna :!:
Tsunami alias Albino

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