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Food related-- Cooking Channel show

by JC (NC) » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:26 pm

I frequently visit Zely & Ritz Restaurant in Raleigh which is farm-to-table based and hosts monthly wine luncheons and wine dinners. The Cooking Channel spent three days filming with chef/part owner Sarig Agasi including a visit to Coon Rock Farm, source of much of the restaurant meat and vegetables (the owners of Coon Rock Farm are also partners in Zely & Ritz and Piedmont restaurants.) The show "On the Road with G. Garvin" will air on the East Coast at 9:00 PM tomorrow (Tuesday, July 31st) and possibly again on Sunday. It includes farm scenes, kitchen scenes and front-of-the-restaurant scenes on a busy Saturyday night. Unfortunately, I found that I don't get the Cooking Channel on my Time-Warner cable plan and it would be inconvenient for me to view it at the restaurant tomorrow.

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