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Kitchen Nightmares: Attn Mike Bowlin

by Jenise » Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:35 pm

Mike, I never ever watch Fox but as luck would have it, I was channel surfing this morning and happened on the local Fox news just as they sat down to interview the owner of tonight's featured restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares. It's the Prohibition Grill (now Gastropub) in Everett. Is this by any chance the place you used to like? I ask, since she described it as "gourmet southern".

She was a fun interview, she's a very cheerful, positive person. She said it was her son who wrote to them unbeknownst to her about getting on the show--she wasn't familiar with it. Or at least, not enough to have any idea what to expect. She went along with the three month long vetting process that turned her/them into a finalist, and thought oh boy Gordon's going to come here and he'll love our restaurant and tell me I'm just doing the greatest job, it's nearly perfect so nothing needs to change. Ha! (Of course, or there'd be no show.) She says the restaurant is doing very well in its new incarnation as a gastropub.
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