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IOTM: Onion boats

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IOTM: Onion boats

by Jenise » Mon Jan 08, 2007 2:51 pm

Last night we were having fresh haddock (from Iceland, first time I've ever seen this fish on the left coast) for dinner, and I had bought two feather light sub-sandwich type rolls to rub down for a fresh bread crumb coating for baked fish. But by the time dinner rolled around, I decided to prepare the fish picata style (thank you Carrie for that idea) which surplussed the rolls.

Well, earlier in the day, the pizza thread in tandem with IOTM had me thinking "What about an onion pizza?" Onions are always used in combination with something else, but what about one where onions were the whole point? Not just as a seasoning, but enough onion to matter nutritionally? Suddenly the rolls looked like a free ticket to onion paradise, so I cut them in half and hollowed each one out. Into the cavity went a heaping teaspoon of pesto (I keep it in the freezer, and thawed out a cube) then added enough grated mozz to act as a glue, then scattered into each about one quarter of a thinly slivered red onion. With a little foil wrapped around the base of each 'boat' to keep the bread from becoming overly crisp in the time it took the filling to bake, those went into a 400 degree oven. They were ready in ten minutes.

I served this as a starter course. Delicious! I never ever think about using bread that way, pooh poohing it as a "oh so you're too lazy to make pizza" thing, but I've been wrong. Busy moms probably already know what I just figured out, that bread makes a perfect light crust and the boat shape provides a perfect container for just about anything your imagination might suggest, including something as simple and beneficial as a whole lotta onions.
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