Vegetable peelers. A little hymn of praise.

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Vegetable peelers. A little hymn of praise.

Postby Bob Ross » Sat Jun 17, 2006 11:08 am

From time to time I like to acknowledge stuff that really works well. For example, I bought a little plastic stepping stool to help get into and get stuff out of our pickup truck -- it works like a charm -- $6.00 and I've used it at least 500 times over the past six years with no problems at all. I actually busted one of the legs, but cracked leg or not, it just keeps on trucking, as it were.

[I can't find the actual stepping stool online, but this more expensive version from Rubber Maid give you the idea -- ... RICES-html ]

My Kuhn Rikon vegetable peelers are similarly excellent -- always sharp, simplier to use than a mandolin for small jobs, full proof, easy to clean, less than $3.00 and a very nice small gift. It'f fun to have a small colleciton of different colors to use as the mood dictates. ... php3?id=36

Regards, Bob
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