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Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:35 am


Knoxville, TN

WTN: 1997 Domaine des Brureaux (Fauvin-Robin) Chénas (Cru de Beaujolais)

by Mike Conner » Sat Jun 24, 2006 2:28 am

1997 Domaine des Brureaux (J. Fauvin-Robin) Chénas (Cru de Beaujolais) 6/22/2006

Holy Sh!t Batman!

A previous bottle of this wine that I had opened two years ago was disappointing... probably a bad cork that allowed the wine to become over the hill. Hence I kinda ignored the remaining two bottles I had left.

Tonight, this bottle was just a-rockin.'

Good color in the glass, no amber. Nose full of fruits . . . a bit of raspberry, nice strawberry and a hint of cherry with a pleasing smell of damp earth and minerals dancing around the fruits. On the palate , a truly wonderful spread of 'true' and sumptuous fruit flavors- almost kinda like a smooth laser beam that just rolls across the palate. In no means is it overextracted nor a spoofulated wine. Just generous and true flavor with terrific acidity giving everything the lift it needs. Oh - and some nice earth tones and crunchy minerals as well on the palate providing additional flavor interest. Seemless integration of the components. Not a lengthy finish, but just true, honest flavor. The sort of flavor that makes you want to take another sip right away.

Went wonderfully with my organic & herbed chicken breasts grilled on the weber (hardwood charcoal of course) and herbed potatoes in foil. More than enough flavor in the wine to merge nicely with the herbs in my chicken and potatoes.

And, to think I might have paid $11-$14 including freight from the Burgundy Wine Co. folks in NYC a few years ago.

Thank goodness for the producers out there who make an honest wine at a reasonable value (and to some degree, the lack of customers for this tasty wine that allowed me to pick up a nice bargain).



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