WTN: Alesia PinotNoir KanzlerVnyd '04...(short/boring)

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WTN: Alesia PinotNoir KanzlerVnyd '04...(short/boring)

Postby TomHill » Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:39 pm

Tried this last night at dinner:
1. Alesia PinotNoir KanzlerVnyd/SonomaCoast (14.4%) AlpineRdWnry/Woodside 2004: Med.dark color w/ slight bricking; rather smoky/pencilly/Fr.oak/Burgundian bright black cherry/cherry/PN quite spicy light earthy/Burgundian lovely nose; rather tart slight tannic very spicy/cherry/black cherry/PN some smokey/pencilly/Burgundian/Fr.oak rather smooth/elegant flavor; very long tart/bright/cherry/black cherry/PN rather smooth/polished/balanced finish w/ slight tannic backtaste; probably as good as it's going to get; a bit of a Burgundy character, a bit like some of DavidBruce's Pinots of the '70's; quite a lovely/drinkable Pinot.
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