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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

Gino Zepponi Chard Vnyd???

by TomHill » Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:40 pm

I did a visit w/ Gino Zepponi at ZD Wnry back in the middle '70's, when their wnry was located in the Carneros SE of the town of Sonoma.
At that time, Gino had a small Chard vnyd nearby that they used in the ZD Chard. Does anybody know what happened to that vnyd after Gino died?? My recollect is that it was located on the South side of Napa Rd, in the Vineberg area?? This Chard was the one that first got me interested in the ZD wines.
They also made Pinot from grapes purchased from Rene diRosa's WineryLakeVnyd that was quite good. Plus a WhiteRiesling sourced from that same vnyd. The Riesling was rather interesting...totally dry and quite austere in a manner that was not common in Calif in those days.
At the end of that visit, Gino, knowing I was heading over to Sac to have dinner w/ DarrellCorti, gave me a btl of Chard to give Darrell to try. It was his first Chard sourced from LouisLucas' TepesquetVnyd down in the SantaMariaVlly of SantaBarbaraCnty. Rather lean & austere, leaning towards a Chablis in style. It was probably my first wine from SantaBarbaraCnty grapes. I rather liked the wine and it launched my love affair w/ SantaBarbara wines. Darrell thoroughly trashed the wine when we tasted it at table. Since Gino was (still then) working in the aerospace industry in Sac, he and Darrell were good friends.
I haven't had a ZD wine in quite some yrs and never hear much about them. Anybody have a take on the ZD wines these days??

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