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Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:01 pm

WTN: Some New Whites/Mostly Hungarian..(long/boring)

by TomHill » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:25 pm

Tried last week (7/18/18) Some New Whites:
1. Banfi LaPettegola Vermentino IGT: Toscana (13%) Montaglaino 2016: Med.light gold color; attractive
floral/Vermen/spicy/mango quite fragrant nose; fairly tart/tangy bright/Vermen/mango/floral/spicy/
slight pineapple flavor; very long/lingering very floral/Vermen/mango tart finish; usually Tuscan
Vermens are pretty bland but this one is not; maybe the best Tuscan Vermen I've yet tried at a very
good price. $22.00 (KK)
2. Ryme Vermentino "Hers" LasBrisasVnyd/Carneros/SonomaCnty (11.9%) Geyservillw 2017: Light gold color;
lovely fragrant/perfumed floral/Vermen/mango/pineapple slightly quiet/restrained nose; quite tart/tangy/
slight metallic quiet floral/Vermen/mango/pineapple flavor; very long rather floral/Vermen/mango rather
tart/tangy/bit lean finish; seems a bit lean/tight and on the quiet side; not as rich/lush/perfumed as
previous vintages; suspect it will put on weight w/ a yr's age. $25.00
3. Csendes Dulo Badacsonyi Keknyelu Szolobirtok/Badacsony (12%; Pronay Castle/
Hungary 2015
: Med.light gold color; very quiet simple/grapey/slight floral bit stony/herbal nose;
lightly tart/metallic very light grapey/bit floral very quiet almost vapid flavor; med.short bit tart/
metallic rather simple/dull slight floral/grapey/stony finish; a rather classic Oakland wine; pleasant
simple/grapey but not much there. $22.95 (BDW)
4. Csendes Dulo Badacsonyi Balatonmelleki Harslevelu Szolobirtok/Badacsony (12%) Pronay Castle/
SchieszlWnry/Hungary 2015
: Light gold color; light grapey/pineapple/carnations/rose petal bit perfumey
slight valve oil pleasant/simple nose; fairly tart/tangy rather floral/pineapple/carnations rather pleasant
flavor; med.long attractive floral/carnations/slight pineapple bit interesting valve oil finish; an
altogether pleasant white but just that and not very exciting. $22.95 (BDW)
5. Evolucio Tokaj Furmint (11.5%; Boutique Wine Collection) Tokaj 2016: Light gold color; very fragrant/perfumed
floral/pineapple quite attractive if a bit simple nose; somewhat tart/tangy attractive floral/Furmint/pineapple
bit one-dimensional flavor; med.long bit simple floral/Furmint/pineapple/mango bit tart/tangy very slight
stony finish; rather rich & lush for only 11.5%; a rather pleasant Furmint if a bit one-dimensional and a
very good bargain. $11.00 (KK)
6. Bodrog Bormuhely Varhegy Furmint Tokaji (13%; Szaraz) Bodrogkisfalud/Hungary 2015: Med.light gold color;
somewhat quiet floral/Furmint/pineapple/mango light stony/mineral attractive nose; fairly tart/tangy/metallic
strong floral/Furmint/pineapple/mango bit stony/mineral quite interesting flavor; very long/lingering fairly
strong Furmint/floral/pineapple/mango some stony/chalky finish; a pretty classic dry Furmint w/ good mineral
character. $27.00 (BDW)
7. Somloi furmint (13.5%; www.Juhfark.Hu) Somloi Apatsagi: Pince/Nagy Somloi/Hungary 2015: color;
rather strange little Furmint/aromatic bit earthy/herbal/perfumed talc very light phenolic/skin-contact/resiny
bit pine sap/fresh cut Ponderosa quite interesting nose; quite tart/tangy light resiny/phenolic/skin-contact
some pinon/pine sap bit tannic quite interesting if weird flavor; very long quite tart/tangy bit tannic/austere
some phenolic/resiny pine sap finish; clearly a bit of skin-contact and no Furmint fruit to speak of, but a
rather interesting if exotic white. $27.00 (BDW)
8. bott Hatari Tokaji Furmint (14%; 1532 btls; www.bottPince.Hu) Nebih/Hungary 2015: Med.light gold color; rather
earthy/dusty very exotic very floral/orange/honeyed/honeycomb/ripe quite spicy/Furmintmaybe a bit of botrytis/
peach beautiful nose; rather soft/rich/lush very floral/perfumed/orangey/honeyed bit pineapple/Furmint maybe
off-dry (0.2%-0.5% r.s.) beautiful flavor; very long/lingering ripe/floral/Furmint/honeyed/honeycomb ripe/peach
slightly off-dry exotic finish; a big/ripe/lush maybe late harvesty/botrytis expression of Furmint; quite an
exotic Furmint. $35.00 (BDW)
9. Demeter Zoltan Furmint Tokaj (11.5%; www.DemeterZoltan.Hu; #616 of 2287 btls) Jozsef Attila/Tokaj/
Hungary 2016
: Light gold color; quite fragrant floral/Furmint/carnations very slight stony bit honeyed/maybe
botrytis beautiful complex nose; soft very ripe/lush/rich very floral/Furmint/carnations/ripe peach bit off-dry
maybe botrytis fairly intense lovely flavor; very long/lingering ripe/lush/rich bit off-dry (0.3-0.6% r.s.) very
floral/Furmint bit honeyed/ripe peach/botrytis(?) ripe exotic finish; a beautiful fairly ripe maybe botrytis
Furmint w/ little stony/mineral character; the ripeness belies the 11.5% alcohol. $32.95 (BDW)
10. Sipun Zlahtina (11.0%;; LZ0517) SipunEstate/IvicaDobrincic/Vrbnik/Island of
Krk/Croatia 2016
: Light yellow color; rather herbal/thyme/Kansas hay mow/fresh cut lawn light floral/carnations
bit pungent/welding shop/ozone very unusual nose; lightly tart light-weight rather herbal/thyme/hay mow bit
metallic/saline/earthy rather savory flavor; very long fairly tart/tangy some earthy/dusty/saline some herbal/
thyme/pungent/haymow/dusty finish; a quite unusual/interesting light-bodied white at a good price.
$20.00 (BayGrape)
11. LaPeyre AC: JuranconSec (12.5%; Gros & Petite Manseng;;
www.Jurancon-LaPeyre.Fr) Jean-Bernard Larrieu/LaChapelle de Rousse/Jurancon 2016
: Med.dark gold color; some honeyed/
orangey/peachy/botrytis bit herbal complex nose; very highly acidic/battery acid/tangy light ripe peach/honeyed/bit
botrytis somewhat austere heavy bodied slight herbal/earthy flavor; very long/lingering very acidic/teeth chattering/
battery acid/searing rather peachy/some botrytis/honeyed/orangey rather complex finish; lots of very exotic/interesting
stuff therein but painful to drink. $15.00 (BayGrape)
12. Neumeister SauvBlanc Steirische Klassik Vulkanland Steirmark Q/Trocken (12.5%) Straden 2016: Light yellow color; strong
herbal/SB/bit cat pee rather earthy/dusty light ripe melon/SB lovely nose; light weight very tart/tangy/acidic herbal/
SB/melony/cat pee fairly earthy/dusty somewhat lightweight rather attractive flavor;long quite tart/tangy bit low-key/
quiet herbal/SB/cat pee finish; a fairly typical Styrian SB some like those of Friuli but not as rich; a bit rustic
mild-mannered rendition of SB. $24.50 (WM)
More snotsnapple from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Many of these came from BlueDanubeWines (, one of my favorite importers. I am just starting
to explore their large Hungarian wines section of their portfolio, after laying waste to their Austrian/
Slovene/Italian/Croatian sections.
On the whole, the Hungarian wines were not as impressive as others in their portfolio. I'm always suspicious
of wines that have too many consonants and not enough vowels in their names.
2. Zlahtina: One of the many indigenous varities native to Croatia.
( ... a-zlahtina)
Found mostly on the island of Krk.

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